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    1. I’d love some way to access the alt tag, description, etc., for media library items without being in the process of adding an image. The regular media library screen does not expose those options.

    2. The one thing I miss like the dickens about GoLive was the ability to change the name of an image file and have the changes ripple through to all instances in which the image appeared. I have yet to find any plug-in that does this. Change file names, yes; populate the change throughout a site, no.

    3. Would love an easy way to add typefaces (e.g., from the Google Fonts library) directly to the Customizer. Some of the typefaces I want to use are condensed versions of those that are included in the list, or other variations within a typeface family that includes multiple individual members. Yes, I can load such a typeface in my child theme and create styles that use it, but I can’t address it globally through the Customizer.

    4. More options for what can go in the page header, styled directly in the Customizer.

    My only other big problem is that I already have to wait for the “slow script” warning and click on the “Continue” button to get the Customizer to load. I suppose increasing the Customizer options only magnifies that problem, which persists even when I rack up the available memory to the max.


    @NBC As far as #2 is concerned: did you try https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/phoenix-media-rename ? I use it on all of my sites and never had any problems after using it, so I guess it does a fine job. This plugin also deletes the old files after creating the new named ones, instead of just copying them with new names, so your hosting space will not be filled with the original files.

    BTW: if you rename optimized images (after using a compression plugin, for example), those optimizations will be lost after renaming. So if you pay for optimizing per image, this is something to be aware of. In that case rename before optimizing, to prevent double optimization costs.

    Jurgen Nijhuis - Argos Media


    @Jurgen, thanks for the tip! I’ve downloaded the Phoenix Media Rename plug-in and will try it out!


    Hi Tom
    I haven’t read all the replies in this topic but I’d like to suggest some improvements for Wocommerce. For example:
    – A shopping cart list integrated in cart icon with possibilty to delete loaded products from this (avoiding to do it from the cart shopping page) Mentioned in this topic
    – A mega menu (such as Xstore theme has)
    – Different hover effects in the product cards (as Xstore theme has)
    – Different cart icons (such as Xstore theme has)
    – A brands filter option (such as Xstore theme has)

    Sorry to be reiterative with Xstore theme but it comes with interesting features that I’d like to see included them in GP since would be great use them in our E-commerce projects. I am sure you’d get much more fan clients (like us) if you consider these ideas for E-commerce developer users.

    Looking forward to hear your thoughts.
    Best regards and kudos for GP

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Thanks for the suggestions!

    1. This is planned.

    2. You can build a simple mega menu already: https://docs.generatepress.com/article/building-simple-mega-menu/

    3. Very cool!

    4. You can add your own icon using a filter for now, but we will add a couple more icon choices.

    5. Not really sure what I’m looking at here?

    GP will never be as feature rich as some themes like this. This is intentional, as we’re determined to stay light but functional, meaning you can add anything to the theme, but we don’t want to bloat the code with an abundance of options.


    Could have the option to change the Color of Address Bar in Mobile Browser.
    Yes, I know it’s very simple, that can be done with hooks, but with the option in Customize is much faster. 🙂


    Hi Tom,
    My suggestions are:
    – to transform the slideout menu in something like a mobile menu addon, adding different options like for example a full page mobile menu, , logo, search bar and a widget area inside the mobile menu for something like socials or other things (no other theme has something like this could be a major selling point)
    – more mobile customizer options: for example I would like to set different page padding for tablet and mobile and in general not all the options in the customizer can be changed for mobile and tablet
    – same thing for the header and the sticky menu padding, there is no way to control these settings in the customizer
    – different header layouts for desktop and mobile (someone else already suggested this)
    – megamenu (lot of people is asking this, maybe something lightweight and simple, widgetized, not bloated to the extent of megamenu plugins out there but more robust than the css workaround you posted somewhere
    – custom selfhosted fonts in the customizer (this is something really worth looking at, Astra theme is doing something similar and is a direct competitor of generatepress in my opinion)
    – a popup, notifications boxes and announcements bar addon, lightweight and smart, I’m thinking something like Holler Box https://hollerwp.com
    – my suggestion is to not bother too much trying to make an alternative to the actual page builders because there are here to stay, they are very good (elementor is fantastic for example) and more and more people is using them, but instead to make a constant effort to integrate better GP with them. For ‭example soon elementor will publish the possibility to design the header and footer and GP could be sold as the best theme to use with page builders. From a commercial stand point it make a lot of sense

    Thanks and I hope you can find some good inspiration.



    Also, I forgot to mention, a related posts addon, not dynamic but only displaying posts from the same category or tag, with different styling options, thumbs and pagination back-forth

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Thanks for the suggestions! Really appreciate it 🙂

    I do have a strong focus on keeping the theme light, so things that are better handled by plugins (notification bars etc..) are probably best left out.

    The more options, the slower the theme gets.

    We have plans to completely re-write the slideout menu, which will include some of those features you mentioned.

    I like the fonts idea, but there are security concerns will allowing fonts to be uploaded to the Media Library, which is why it’s not possible in WP by default. I would have to research that more.

    We decided not to add a mega menu to the theme, as it’s adds a bunch of CSS that not everyone would use. However, we do provide instructions here: https://docs.generatepress.com/article/building-simple-mega-menu/

    Thanks again! There’s some really excited changes/additions coming to GP in 2018 🙂


    Hello, here is my humble list:

    (New) addons:

    1. Border radius.

    2. Shaddow.


    Improvments (to existing features):

    1. Add margin options to the “Layout” section of the “Theme Customizer” (not just padding), the difference appears especially in the menu when we try to make one item as a button, the result button is really big if the menu height is long, same example could be applied to the sidebars and footer .

    2. Comments count for single posts.

    3. Infinite scroll for single posts (not archive page), with the ability to choose between if the next posts should be from the same post type or category or tag.

    4. Author profile picture/Gravatar alongside its name in single posts.

    5. Conditional hooks (by user role, user logged-in/out, category/tag, post/page).

    6. Ability to affect a specific Page Header to all single posts (not archive page) of a specific category/tag.

    7. Give page builders the ability to build the header, sidebars, footer.


    I know a lot of stuff from above can be reached using some CSS/PHP codes or plugins, but it will be so much nicer to have them natively built with Tom’s clean code.

    These in my opinion are the so much minimal and most needed features in the last year (and next years) for modern websites.

    And please make like these threads/topics highlighted somehow so we could tell that they exist, for my case, I just knew it accidentely, it just got to the top because someone replied, if no one replied I wouldn’t know about it.

    Thank you for the theme and for trying to fulfill the need of your customers with the last website trends conserving its lightness, speed and extending customizability.



    5. Conditional hooks (by user role, user logged-in/out, category/tag, post/page).

    I know you are requesting built-in features, without the need for plugins, but do you know the “Generate Press Extender” plugin? It’s like hook boxes on steroids + more. Among its features are the conditionals like you asked for. Maybe it does some other things you ask for as well, but I have only used it for custom hook boxes so far myself, so I don’t know.

    Have a look at https://cobaltapps.com/downloads/gp-extender-plugin/

    Jurgen Nijhuis - Argos Media

Viewing 11 posts - 226 through 236 (of 236 total)
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