GP Premium 2.5.0

This is a huge feature release! GP Premium now has its own Font Library feature. You can learn more in our release post.

This version is currently in alpha testing. It can be downloaded in your account.

  • Feature: Local Font Library
  • Fix: Apply button color settings to WooCommerce block buttons
  • Fix: WooCommerce button typography
  • Fix: Check if DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT is set to true for PHP Elements
  • Fix: Use up to date react render functions

GeneratePress 3.5.0

This is a small feature release with some features, fixes, and tweaks.

Primarily, this release adds support in the Customizer for our new Font Library feature in GP Premium.

This release is currently in alpha testing. It can be downloaded in our release post.

  • Feature: Add support for more core block options
  • Feature: Add support for GPP Font Library in the Customizer
  • Fix: Underlined buttons in the editor
  • Tweak: Add minimal header/footer templates for future GPP site editor
  • Tweak: Allow bottom margin value in custom typography elements

GP Premium 2.4.1

This is a security release that patches a potential XSS vulnerability.


  • Security: Harden variable against XSS attacks

GeneratePress 3.4.0

  • Important: Require PHP 7.4 or later
  • Accessibility: Add label to search modal input
  • Feature: Allow CSS variables and string-based values in Typography
  • Feature: Add read more label filters
  • Fix: Mobile menu toggle alignment when navigation above/below header
  • Fix: Disable nav search modal if using floats or font icons
  • Fix: Remove unnecessary white-space from .site-title and .site-description elements
  • Fix: html typography selector in the editor
  • Fix: Content title color in editor
  • Fix: Content width jump when loading editor
  • Fix: Editor losing content width switching code/visual editor
  • Fix: Remove prohibited attribute from header element
  • Fix: Heading text color in the editor
  • Fix: Wrong text domains

GP Premium 2.4.0

  • Security: Disallow scripts in custom field template tags
  • Important: Requires PHP 7.2 or greater
  • Feature: Improve Site Library filters
  • Feature: Add search capability in Site Library
  • Feature: Allow author searching in Site Library
  • Feature: Add generate_smooth_scroll_offset filter
  • Feature: Use built-in read more text filters
  • Fix: PHP 8.1 notices
  • Fix: Display posts in columns option changes Query Loop blocks
  • Fix: Remove no-csstransforms3d CSS from off canvas panel
  • Fix: Display Rules taxonomies missing when has_archive disabled
  • Fix: Navigation logo undefined array keys
  • Tweak: Update Content Template templates
  • Tweak: Update Archive Navigation templates
  • Tweak: Update Page Hero templates
  • Tweak: Update post meta templates
  • Tweak: Update post navigation templates
  • Tweak: Update site footer templates
  • Tweak: Remove deprecated filter_input functions
  • General: Updated translations

GP Premium 2.3.2

  • Tweak: Remove deprecated wp_get_loading_attr_default function

GeneratePress 3.3.1

  • Tweak: Update Customizer script dependencies to prevent WP 6.3 conflicts

GP Premium 2.3.1

  • Fix: SelectSearch component infinite loop
  • Fix: Block widths inside Block Elements

GP Premium 2.3.0

  • Feature: Add Search Modal Element type
  • Fix: Inline post meta feature in GenerateBlocks 1.7
  • Fix: Close “Choose Element Type” modal with ESC key
  • Fix: Replace WooCommerce secondary image attachment size
  • Fix: WP Filesystem error missing credentials
  • Fix: Undefined array keys in dynamic Container URL
  • Fix: Author avatar in Header/Block Element titles
  • Fix: Infinite loop error when autosaving with dynamic content block
  • Fix: Add aria-label to off-canvas panel button
  • Fix: WooCommerce button dynamic typography
  • Fix: Empty WooCommerce quantity fields
  • Fix: PHP 8.1 notice using disable elements in Customizer
  • Tweak: Improve license key area
  • Tweak: Improve off-canvas transitions
  • Tweak: Check for WooCommerce functions
  • Tweak: Open off-canvas using space bar
  • Tweak: Use image ID in mobile header/sticky nav logos
  • Tweak: Improve Elements hook selection dropdown UI
  • Tweak: Add site library check for min GenerateBlocks version
  • Tweak: Add Loop Template to Custom Post Type dropdown filters

GeneratePress 3.3.0

  • Feature: Add navigation search modal
  • Fix: PHP 8.1 filter_input notice
  • Fix: Comment fields PHP 8.1 notice
  • Fix: Empty footer post meta
  • Fix: PHP 8.1 warning in GeneratePress_Typography:get_css
  • Fix: Color picker callback update not re-rendering the component
  • Fix: Don’t apply block margin to core Heading
  • Fix: Editor width when changing previews
  • Fix: Allow rgb() color values
  • Fix: JS error when toggling empty mobile menu
  • Fix: PHP notice when using SVG as normal and retina logo
  • Tweak: Allow sub-menus to open using the spacebar
  • Tweak: Increase .has- class specificity

More changelogs can be found in our legacy development blog.