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GeneratePress 3.4.0

This version is currently in alpha testing. Please be sure to only install it on testing/development websites.

Download GeneratePress 3.4.0-alpha.1

  • Important: Require PHP 7.4 or later
  • Accessibility: Add label to search modal input
  • Feature: Allow CSS variables and string-based values in Typography
  • Feature: Add read more label filters
  • Fix: Mobile menu toggle alignment when navigation above/below header
  • Fix: Disable nav search modal if using floats or font icons
  • Fix: Remove unnecessary white-space from .site-title and .site-description elements
  • Fix: html typography selector in the editor
  • Fix: Content title color in editor
  • Fix: Content width jump when loading editor
  • Fix: Editor losing content width switching code/visual editor
  • Fix: Remove prohibited attribute from header element
  • Fix: Heading text color in the editor
  • Fix: Wrong text domains

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