A New Navigation Search

GeneratePress 3.3.0 (currently in alpha testing) has a new and improved Navigation Search feature. While our old Navigation Search feature has served us well over the years, it was time for a new design with more modern accessibility features. To use the new Navigation Search, you first need to deactivate the old one in the … Read more

GP Premium 2.3.0

Feature: Add Search Modal Element type Fix: Inline post meta feature in GenerateBlocks 1.7 Fix: Close “Choose Element Type” modal with ESC key Fix: Replace WooCommerce secondary image attachment size Fix: WP Filesystem error missing credentials Fix: Undefined array keys in dynamic Container URL Fix: Author avatar in Header/Block Element titles Fix: Infinite loop error … Read more

GeneratePress 3.3.0

Feature: Add navigation search modal Fix: PHP 8.1 filter_input notice Fix: Comment fields PHP 8.1 notice Fix: Empty footer post meta Fix: PHP 8.1 warning in GeneratePress_Typography:get_css Fix: Color picker callback update not re-rendering the component Fix: Don’t apply block margin to core Heading Fix: Editor width when changing previews Fix: Allow rgb() color values … Read more