WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting is necessary for every self-hosted WordPress site. It acts as a home for your website and gives your domain name somewhere to point to so people can actually reach your site.

The below are a few of our favorite hosting companies. The links are affiliate links, but we actually use and recommended all of these companies, and we know they work great with WordPress and GeneratePress.

Cloudways is a great option when it comes to hosting – we use it for all of our websites. They are a managed host where you can choose your own type of server from providers like Digital Ocean (and many others). This gives you complete control over your server specs but allows them to take care of the essential server maintenance.

Kinsta is premium WordPress hosting. Their servers are incredibly fast, and their support is better than any other hosting company by a decent margin. They aren’t as affordable as the other options on this page, but if you can afford them, they’re worth every penny.

If you’re looking for a solid WordPress host, SiteGround is worth looking at. They offer a variety of plans, including very affordable ones for people just starting out. They have a great reputation among the WordPress community.