GP Premium 1.2.95 & 1.2.96

Update: 1.2.96 released to fix a couple minor bugs in 1.2.95

GP Premium 1.2.95 has been released.

This is a fairly large release, mostly dealing with code clean up.

The Top Bar widget area has been added to the free theme, so all of the applicable options for it (Colors, Typography etc..) are in this release.

Here's the full changelog:

  • Add notice if GeneratePress theme isn't activated
  • Add notice if GeneratePress theme update is available
  • General code cleanup and optimization
  • Backgrounds: Use new CSS class to write dynamic CSS
  • Backgrounds: Deprecate Generate_Backgrounds_Customize_Misc_Control
  • Backgrounds: Add options to the new top bar widget area
  • Blog: Add generate_excerpt_more_output filter to read more link
  • Blog: Add generate_content_more_link_output filter to read more link when more tag is added
  • Blog: Remove ellipses from Read more link default
  • Blog: Use the_title_attribute() where necessary
  • Blog: Add generate_excerpt_length filter
  • Colors: Add options for new top bar widget area
  • Copyright: General code clean up
  • Disable Elements: Add new Top Bar widget area to disable options
  • Disable Elements: Change Post Image label to Featured Image
  • Disable Elements: Completely remove header HTML if set to disable
  • Disable Elements: Completely remove navigation HTML if set to disable
  • Disable Elements: Completely remove footer HTML if set to disable
  • Disable Elements: Add generate_metabox_capability filter to meta box
  • Hooks: Update jQuery cookie library
  • Hooks: Add new GENERATE_HOOKS_DISALLOW_PHP constant to allow users to disable PHP execution
  • Import Export: Verify correct option names
  • Menu Plus: Change Navigation Logo Position label to Navigation Logo Placement
  • Menu Plus: Make sure sticky.js only enqueues if absolutely necessary
  • Menu Plus: Move Sticky Navigation options into their own section
  • Menu Plus: Move Slide-out Navigation options into their own section
  • Menu Plus: Fix slight icon width change when toggling slide-out navigation
  • Menu Plus: Close slide-out menu on item click
  • Page Header: Fix top margin when full width header is below the header
  • Page Header: Use the_title_attribute() where necessary
  • Page Header: Change "Position" labels to "Location"
  • Page Header: Add new generate_page_header_metabox_capability filter to meta box
  • Page Header: Prevent undefined index notices
  • Secondary Nav: Fix sub-navigation background, text and image variables
  • Secondary Nav: Add unit to value if it exists allowing 0px values
  • Secondary Nav: Move background image options into the Backgrounds add-on
  • Secondary Nav: Move spacing options into the Spacing add-on
  • Secondary Nav: Move typography options into the Typography add-on
  • Secondary Nav: Move color options into the Colors add-on
  • Secondary Nav: Add option to merge with new top bar widget area
  • Secondary Nav: Fix dropdown menu arrow spacing in live preview
  • Secondary Nav: Use custom color palettes
  • Sections: Improve CSS output
  • Sections: Remove sections-no-sidebars class if Sections aren't activated
  • Spacing: Improve mobile/non-mobile live previews in Customizer
  • Spacing: Make sidebar width options range sliders
  • Spacing: Add options for new top bar widget area
  • Spacing: Add ability to link all 4 spacing controls together
  • Spacing: Add all 4 sides to mobile content padding
  • Spacing: Fix Customizer experience when switching between one container and separate containers
  • Typography: Improve mobile/non-mobile live previews in Customizer
  • Typography: Add options for new top bar widget area
  • Typography: Update list of available fonts
  • pt_PT translations added - thank you Pedro!


  • Blog: Fix option sanitizing for read more and masonry loading options
  • Copyright: Fix option sanitizing for Customizer textarea
  • Disable Elements: Fix PHP notice when saving post
  • Menu Plus: Fix option sanitizing for mobile menu label option
  • Page Header: Fix PHP notice when saving post
  • Secondary Nav: Fix option sanitizing for mobile menu label option

GP 1.3.44

GeneratePress 1.3.44 has been released with a couple quick fixes and additions based on our larger 1.3.42 update.

If you're updating from a version prior to 1.3.42, you should check out this article.

Here's the changelog:


  • New: Add filter to base CSS output: generate_base_css_output
  • New: Add filter to colors CSS output: generate_colors_css_output
  • New: Add filter to spacing CSS output: generate_spacing_css_output
  • New: Add filter to typography CSS output: generate_typography_css_output
  • Tweak: Change generate_mobile_breakpoint filter to generate_mobile_media_query
  • Fix: Content background colors overlapping each other when using One Container

GP 1.3.43

This is a small release that fixes a few bugs introduced in 1.3.42.

Be sure to check out the changelog for 1.3.42 here if you haven't already.


  • Fix: Make sure defaults.css loads only if it won't cause conflicts
  • Fix: Widget padding issue when set to one container
  • Tweak: Add .main-title and .site-description colors all the time as they might be added in GP Hooks
  • Tweak: Add .main-title and .site-description typography CSS all the time as they might be added in GP Hooks

GP Premium 1.2.93

GP Premium 1.2.93 has been released.

This release coordinates with GP 1.3.42 and includes some new features, as well as a bunch of optimization.

Transparent Colors

A big change to this version is the ability to use transparency in your background colors. This allows you to have semi-transparent elements which is pretty cool.

Mobile Content Padding

You can now also set the padding of your content area while on mobile, which can be very useful.

Section ID

Sections now accepts a custom ID option so you can link to them without using the old ugly identifiers.

General Cleanup

A lot of the code has been optimized and cleaned up.

Full Changelog


  • Backgrounds: Fix 100% width option
  • Blog: Change Post Image label to Featured Image
  • Blog: Fully remove featured image if it's set to hide
  • Colors: Add transparency slider to all background elements
  • Colors: Remove defaults and dynamic CSS functions - the GP theme handles this
  • Colors: Add new generate_default_color_palettes filter to set up default color palettes
  • Copyright: Use new copyright filter if possible
  • Disabe Elements: Hide mobile header if navigation is disabled
  • Menu Plus: Remove classie.js
  • Menu Plus: Add .navigation-stick class to all sticky menu transitions
  • Menu Plus: Prevent slide-out navigation jump on desktop
  • Menu Plus: Change Sticky Effect label to Sticky Transition
  • Menu Plus: Clean up dynamic CSS
  • Menu Plus: Add .navigation-logo class to the navigation logo
  • Menu Plus: Rebuild and simplify navigation logo CSS
  • Menu Plus: Add live preview to navigation logo height
  • Menu Plus: Add new generate_navigation_logo to the Navigation Logo URL
  • Menu Plus: Fix mixing up of slide-out and search icon when sticky and floating left/right
  • Page Header: Add parallax speed filter - generate_page_header_parallax_speed
  • Page Header: Make sure javascript object exist to avoid potential JS errors
  • Page Header: Make parallax work when page header is set to contained width
  • Page Header: Add generate_metabox_capability to Page Header meta box
  • Page Header: Add new option to overwrite Navigation Logo per page
  • Page Header: Fix full screen page header height when content is longer than the screen
  • Secondary Nav: Change Navigation Position to Navigation Location
  • Secondary Nav: Add defaults to the style.css and only add dynamic CSS if needed
  • Secondary Nav: Improve mobile menu CSS
  • Sections: Add new Section ID field
  • Spacing: Fix instant preview for masonry and columns
  • Spacing: Add size slider to the separator options
  • Spacing: Add mobile content padding option
  • Spacing: Improve live previewing performance in the Customizer
  • Spacing: Remove defaults and dynamic CSS functions - the GP theme handles this
  • Spacing: Set left and right footer widget area padding if it's set to 0
  • Spacing: Clean up sidebar width code
  • Spacing: Change range slider style to fit core WP style
  • Typography: Move mobile font size options into their respective sections
  • Typography: Remove defaults and dynamic CSS functions - the GP theme handles this
  • Typography: Change generate_display_google_fonts() function to generate_enqueue_google_fonts()
  • Typography: Change range slider style to fit core WP style
  • Change license key field from text to password
  • Czech translation updated
  • German translation updated
  • Brazilian translation added
  • Italian translated updated

GP 1.3.42

GeneratePress 1.3.42 has been released.

This is a pretty major release with a couple new features and a lot of re-written code.

New Footer Bar Widget

One of the cool things in this release is the addition of the Footer Bar Widget area.

This widget area is displayed in the same area as your copyright. You can add anything to it, including the Custom Menu widget to add a footer menu to your website.

You can change the alignment of this new footer widget area in Customize > Layout > Footer.

Dynamic CSS

Dynamic CSS has been re-written using a class. It's also only added when completely necessary. For example, CSS that has to do with your content layout being set to "Separate Containers" will only be written if you have that option set.


A new file containing all of your default CSS has been added. This means if you haven't changed an option in the Customizer from the default, your site will use the CSS inside defaults.css instead of writing it into the head of your website code. This greatly reduces the amount of CSS you see inline when viewing your website source.

Header and Footer moved to functions

The header element and footer elements have been moved into functions so you can easily move them or unhook them if necessary.

New GeneratePress admin screen

The Appearance > GeneratePress page has been completely re-designed to look a little more modern/simple.

General clean up

A lot of code has been cleaned up and optimized in this release. We were able to add new features while reducing the overall size of the theme!

Full changelog

= 1.3.42 =

  • New: Added a new filter to allow affiliate IDs and campaigns in the Dashboard: generate_premium_url_args
  • New: Added a new filter for the meta viewport: generate_meta_viewport
  • New: Add preconnect and crossorigin to Google Fonts call
  • New: Add mobile content padding defaults
  • New: Improve copyright area and add new filter: generate_copyright
  • New: Footer bar widget area in Copyright bar
  • New: Footer bar alignment options in the Customizer
  • New: defaults.css file with default Customizer styles
  • New: generate_header hook
  • New: generate_footer hook
  • Tweak: Revert search widget styling
  • Tweak: Improve how we add the navigation dropdown arrow - arrows now require WP version > 4.3
  • Tweak: Only add pingback URL if needed
  • Tweak: Clean up navigation-search.js
  • Tweak: Tell screen readers not to read icons
  • Tweak: Set default color palettes
  • Tweak: Increase default copyright font size to 15px
  • Tweak: Change Navigation Position label to Navigation Location
  • Tweak: Let the sub-menu figure out the top position automatically
  • Tweak: Simplify mobile menu CSS
  • Tweak: Sanitize nonce values in our meta boxes
  • Tweak: Fix singular title for comments
  • Tweak: Update documenation URL in the Dashboard
  • Tweak: Completely re-build Appearance > GeneratePress
  • Tweak: Remove Disable Elements CSS
  • Tweak: Add new dynamic CSS class for writing CSS from options
  • Tweak: Only write dynamic CSS if the option is different from the defaults.css value
  • Tweak: Remove ignore-x and ignore-xy spacing classes
  • Tweak: Shorthand dynamic spacing CSS if possible
  • Tweak: Add left and right padding defaults to the copyright bar
  • Tweak: Improve spacing between footer widgets
  • Tweak: Reduce number of selectors needed for mobile and tablet class in the grid
  • Tweak: Move footer widgets into a function
  • Tweak: Move header into a function
  • Tweak: Move footer into a function
  • Tweak: Change range slider style to fit core WP style

GP 1.3.41

GeneratePress 1.3.41 has just been released.

This is a pretty big update with a mix of new features, tweaks and bug fixes.

Take a look at all of the changes below.

  • Fix: Align navigation search to the top. Fixes a bug when mobile menu is open.
  • Fix: Remove parameter in generate_display_google_fonts() to avoid error in child theme configurators
  • Fix: Fix sidebar spacing issue with mobile
  • Fix: Navigation search on mobile when navigation is in a sidebar
  • Tweak: Make footer widgets RTL compatible
  • Tweak: Only show metaboxes on public post types
  • Tweak: Move image captions below image and remove black semi-transparent background
  • Tweak: Remove the buy me a coffee button if you're using GP Premium
  • Tweak: Escape various HTML attributes/translations throughout the theme
  • Tweak: Change how back to top button appears to allow transitions
  • Tweak: Improve menu dropdown functionality for touch screens
  • Tweak: Remove search widget padding
  • Tweak: Remove redundant CSS from style.css
  • Tweak: Remove title attribute from site title
  • Tweak: Move navigation from sidebar to below the header on mobile on orientation change
  • Tweak: Make site title an H1 on the blog page
  • Tweak: Increase z-index of back to top button
  • Tweak: Use em margin spacing for entry meta icons for larger font compatibility
  • Tweak: Add selective refresh to main title and description
  • Tweak: Remove CSS transitions from mobile
  • Tweak: Remove old compatibility code for old versions of GP Premium - make sure you're using latest GP Premium!
  • Tweak: Update Font Awesome to 4.7
  • New: generate_navigation_location filter
  • New: Allow inner header container to be full width
  • New: Allow inner navigation container to be full width
  • New: Allow inner footer area to be full width
  • New: generate_menu_arrow_theme_locations filter
  • New: Add body line height option
  • New: Add paragraph margin option
  • New: Reset icon added to all size sliders
  • New: Reduce copyright/footer font size default to 14px

GP Premium 1.2.92

GP Premium 1.2.92 has been released.

This is a pretty heavy release with some new features and some improvements.

Here's the full list of changes:

  • Blog: Fix category title and load more alignment while using masonry
  • Blog: Fix masonry spacing on mobile
  • Blog: Simplify masonry spacing
  • Blog: Simplify columns spacing
  • Menu Plus: Fix alignment jump when browser is zoomed in and resized down to 768px
  • Menu Plus: Add generate_logo_title filter to sticky logo and mobile header logo
  • Menu Plus: Add spacing to the menu logo when the inner navigation is set to full width
  • Menu Plus: Fix navigation search issue with no transition sticky menu
  • Menu Plus: Don't float mobile header navigation if no logo is set
  • Typography: Adjust typography name sanitization function name to avoid errors with old GP versions
  • Typography: Remove parameter from generate_display_google_fonts to avoid warning with child theme generators
  • Typography: Add body line height option
  • Typography: Add paragraph margin option
  • Typography: Reduce copyright/footer font size default to 14px
  • Typography: Add reset button to all size sliders
  • Secondary Nav: Remove CSS which stops floating navigation at 1024px
  • Secondary Nav: Fix jump when removing navigation in the Customizer
  • Secondary Nav: New option: Inner navigation width
  • Secondary Nav: Add reset button to font size slider
  • Secondary Nav: Allow transitions on menu items
  • Sections: Fix bug where error would happen if the user isn't using at least WordPress 4.5
  • Sections: Remove GP theme grid dependency in admin
  • Sections: Allow oembed in section content
  • Sections: Use jQuery.on() instead of delegate()
  • Sections: Remove unnecessary files
  • Spacing: Prevent warning caused by wrong version constant
  • Page Header: New filter: generate_get_blog_page_header - makes it possible to set the blog page header under different conditions
  • Page Header: Improve full height page header functionality on mobile/orientation change
  • Page Header: Remove fixed background attachment from parallax background image to help preserve image ratio
  • Add prompt to add license key in Plugins area if it isn't activated and updates are available
  • Move all language files into the /langs/ folder
  • Reduce length of some text domains to avoid updating issue with some servers
  • Chinese translations added - thanks Alfred!
  • Portuguese translation added - thanks Alvaro!
  • Russian translations updated - thanks Alex!
  • German translations updated - thanks Daniel!

GP Premium 1.2.91

GP Premium 1.2.91 has been released with a couple of fixes for bugs found in 1.2.90.

This release also completely re-designed the Page Header metabox.

Here's the full changelog:

  • Menu Plus: Fix bug where navigation logo wasn't displaying when effect is set to None
  • Menu Plus: Fix bug where mobile header javascript was showing up when it shouldn't
  • Sections: Add Shortcodes Ultimate compatibility
  • Page Header: Fix Italian translation
  • Page Header: Only show metabox on public post types
  • Page Header: Fully re-design metabox
  • Page Header: Add padding unit option (px or %)
  • Blog: Make excerpt length value update immediately in Customizer
  • Blog: Improve masonry functionality
  • Russian translations updated - massive thanks to Alexey!

GP 1.3.40

GeneratePress 1.3.40 has been released and is available in your Dashboard.

This update has quite a few improvements and optimizations.

Here's the complete changelog:

  • Make sidebar and footer metaboxes appear lower than publish metabox
  • Force words to break if too long for the container
  • Fix some content spacing on mobile
  • Add separating space above comments area on pages
  • Fix Walker_Page class name to match WP
  • Content layout is now instant preview
  • Header width is now instant preview
  • Header alignment is now instant preview
  • Navigation width is now instant preview
  • Navigation position is now instant preview
  • Navigation alignment is now instant preview
  • Footer width is now instant preview
  • Only show sidebar layout setting for the page you're viewing
  • Only show top 200 popular Google Fonts in Customizer (increases Customizer performance)
  • generate_number_of_fonts filter added so you can choose how many fonts to include in the Customizer list
  • Remove 2 database queries
  • Add Segoe UI font to default list
  • Fix header clearing bug when navigation is set to float left
  • Revamp how Google fonts get their category and variants (big increase in performance)
  • Change widget initialization array to avoid widget areas breaking due to bad translations
  • Improve RTL in mobile menu and navigation search
  • Remove navigation search close button added by Chrome and IE
  • Add spacing above comments area when one container is set