New Pricing Changes & Lifetime Licenses

In the last 12 months, GeneratePress has undergone a lot of changes. Not only in code development but in investments made within the business. For example, we have: 

  • Made more code commits than in the entire lifetime of GeneratePress. 
  • Invested in additional customer support to sustain our best in class support.
  • Contracted the exceptional design talents of Mike Oliver.
  • Last but not least, released the awesome GenerateBlocks plugin.

And this is just the beginning. We have great plans to continue evolving GeneratePress and GenerateBlocks together as WordPress continues to change the way we build websites.

New Annual Pricing

We hear all the time that we should increase our pricing, and we feel now is the best time to do that.

  • Our yearly GP Premium option is now $59/year.
  • We’ve removed the renewal discount for new purchases.
  • Affiliate commissions are now 30%.
  • License keys are now capped at 500 activations for new purchases.

Existing Customers

As a thank you for your continued support, our users who already owned a license prior to this price increase will keep their 40% renewal discount as long as their license key remains active.

Lifetime Licensing

Annual subscription vs lifetime licensing is a subject that splits many users’ opinions. Some users prefer annual renewals, as a recurring sales model implies developer sustainability. Whereas for some users, lifetime licenses mean a single investment that helps with their budgeting and their own businesses’ sustainability.

Our opinion, after much deliberation, is that such a license can offer benefits to the developers and their users if done correctly. Thanks to the new annual pricing we mentioned above, we’re now able to offer a lifetime license to those who want it while maintaining our long-term stability as a business. We believe that this move will strengthen GeneratePress moving forward, and it will allow us to reach more users who prefer a lifetime model.

  • Our lifetime license is $249.

Upgrading to Lifetime

Any user who already owns an active license can upgrade to a lifetime license and we will automatically discount your original purchase price. If for example, you purchased an annual license for $49.95, you would receive a $49.95 discount on the lifetime license price. This can be done automatically directly inside your account at any time. Expired license keys need to be renewed before being eligible for an upgrade. Please note that when you upgrade your license key will adhere to the new 500 site limit.

Moving Forward

We believe that these changes will strengthen GeneratePress as we continue to grow our team, build new features/products, and offer the best WordPress support in the industry. Our roadmap is set and we couldn’t be more excited to continue improving the theme with you.

30 thoughts on “New Pricing Changes & Lifetime Licenses”

  1. I usually prefer LTD accounts, but I also want to see GP and GB continually updated long term and so will stick with the yearly to ensure funds come in each year. GP+GB has been amazing and allowed me to leave Elementor, Beaver and Divi in the dust. Cannot wait for the GB pro with more blocks and control released.

      • Although I discovered GP only recently, I have developed a lot of appreciation for the product, and I would be glad to boost it by purchasing a LTD. However this also means I haven’t yes had the chance to generate any income from GP, and thus I feel I need to balance this purchase with my intention to also support GB Pro when it is released (as I understand, it will be sold as a separate product, i.e. outside of this deal). Decisions, decisions… Do you have any hints for us deliberators? πŸ™‚

  2. Definitely a balancing act but I think you all are on the right track. Will there also be a lifetime license for GenerateBlocks and/or WP Show Posts PRO? Thanks again for all your work Tom & team. Well done.

  3. Thanks for not affecting the existing licenses! Will there be any issue if someone does not renew for one year but do in the next year? Will the old price still apply?

    • As of right now, it doesn’t matter whether your license is expired or not. In the future, we may change this so only active license hold onto their price.

      • “In the future, we may change this so only active license hold onto their price”. Kindly don’t do this. There are reasons some of us don’t renew including economic hardships or waiting for future projects to renew.

  4. Hi there,

    i want to get the lifetime license. Generatepress is wonderful. Will there be a discount in the foreseeable future?

    Greetings from Bavaria,


  5. Hi, guys.

    Generatepress is an excellent topic, I really enjoyed working with it. I made the last site using this fantastic tool.


  6. Hi πŸ™‚ I just entered the world of web design and tried Divi, elementor. and GeneratePress Tom you have done a great job. I just got the license per year and GB per year too because that module is a blast, I’m beyond excited about my new design tools πŸ™‚

  7. I just received an email about the 40% discount, and purchased on Nov. 25, 2020. Does this mean the email I got this month is incorrect and I am not eligible for the discount?


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