GeneratePress 3.0.2

This is a minor update with some more bug fixes and tweaks.

  • Fix: Missing logo when site title/tagline are empty but not disabled
  • Fix: Widget content font-size value missing when using default
  • Fix: Centered top bar text alignment on mobile
  • Fix: Custom mobile-bar-items sizing not working on mobile
  • Tweak: Only set margin-top of .entry-content

5 thoughts on “GeneratePress 3.0.2”

  1. Is it possible to include a link to this changelog page so one can read the new features / changes, inside the WordPress dashboard?

    I mean, when I was in my website’s WordPress dashboard, I saw that there was an update to the theme’s free version, but I could not read what was new inside the dashboard. I had to leave my website and search for the changelog page (this one) via Google to read about the update changelog.

    It would be so useful if onw could read this information in the WordPress dashbord.

    Thank you.

    Thank you.

    • Unfortunately, doesn’t have the capability to display theme changelogs in the Dashboard. No idea why – likely something they just haven’t thought to be important enough to implement.


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