GP 1.3.42

GeneratePress 1.3.42 has been released.

This is a pretty major release with a couple new features and a lot of re-written code.

New Footer Bar Widget

One of the cool things in this release is the addition of the Footer Bar Widget area.

This widget area is displayed in the same area as your copyright. You can add anything to it, including the Custom Menu widget to add a footer menu to your website.

You can change the alignment of this new footer widget area in Customize > Layout > Footer.

Dynamic CSS

Dynamic CSS has been re-written using a class. It’s also only added when completely necessary. For example, CSS that has to do with your content layout being set to “Separate Containers” will only be written if you have that option set.


A new file containing all of your default CSS has been added. This means if you haven’t changed an option in the Customizer from the default, your site will use the CSS inside defaults.css instead of writing it into the head of your website code. This greatly reduces the amount of CSS you see inline when viewing your website source.

Header and Footer moved to functions

The header element and footer elements have been moved into functions so you can easily move them or unhook them if necessary.

New GeneratePress admin screen

The Appearance > GeneratePress page has been completely re-designed to look a little more modern/simple.

General clean up

A lot of code has been cleaned up and optimized in this release. We were able to add new features while reducing the overall size of the theme!

Full changelog

= 1.3.42 =

  • New: Added a new filter to allow affiliate IDs and campaigns in the Dashboard: generate_premium_url_args
  • New: Added a new filter for the meta viewport: generate_meta_viewport
  • New: Add preconnect and crossorigin to Google Fonts call
  • New: Add mobile content padding defaults
  • New: Improve copyright area and add new filter: generate_copyright
  • New: Footer bar widget area in Copyright bar
  • New: Footer bar alignment options in the Customizer
  • New: defaults.css file with default Customizer styles
  • New: generate_header hook
  • New: generate_footer hook
  • Tweak: Revert search widget styling
  • Tweak: Improve how we add the navigation dropdown arrow – arrows now require WP version > 4.3
  • Tweak: Only add pingback URL if needed
  • Tweak: Clean up navigation-search.js
  • Tweak: Tell screen readers not to read icons
  • Tweak: Set default color palettes
  • Tweak: Increase default copyright font size to 15px
  • Tweak: Change Navigation Position label to Navigation Location
  • Tweak: Let the sub-menu figure out the top position automatically
  • Tweak: Simplify mobile menu CSS
  • Tweak: Sanitize nonce values in our meta boxes
  • Tweak: Fix singular title for comments
  • Tweak: Update documenation URL in the Dashboard
  • Tweak: Completely re-build Appearance > GeneratePress
  • Tweak: Remove Disable Elements CSS
  • Tweak: Add new dynamic CSS class for writing CSS from options
  • Tweak: Only write dynamic CSS if the option is different from the defaults.css value
  • Tweak: Remove ignore-x and ignore-xy spacing classes
  • Tweak: Shorthand dynamic spacing CSS if possible
  • Tweak: Add left and right padding defaults to the copyright bar
  • Tweak: Improve spacing between footer widgets
  • Tweak: Reduce number of selectors needed for mobile and tablet class in the grid
  • Tweak: Move footer widgets into a function
  • Tweak: Move header into a function
  • Tweak: Move footer into a function
  • Tweak: Change range slider style to fit core WP style

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