GP 1.3.41

GeneratePress 1.3.41 has just been released.

This is a pretty big update with a mix of new features, tweaks and bug fixes.

Take a look at all of the changes below.

  • Fix: Align navigation search to the top. Fixes a bug when mobile menu is open.
  • Fix: Remove parameter in generate_display_google_fonts() to avoid error in child theme configurators
  • Fix: Fix sidebar spacing issue with mobile
  • Fix: Navigation search on mobile when navigation is in a sidebar
  • Tweak: Make footer widgets RTL compatible
  • Tweak: Only show metaboxes on public post types
  • Tweak: Move image captions below image and remove black semi-transparent background
  • Tweak: Remove the buy me a coffee button if you’re using GP Premium
  • Tweak: Escape various HTML attributes/translations throughout the theme
  • Tweak: Change how back to top button appears to allow transitions
  • Tweak: Improve menu dropdown functionality for touch screens
  • Tweak: Remove search widget padding
  • Tweak: Remove redundant CSS from style.css
  • Tweak: Remove title attribute from site title
  • Tweak: Move navigation from sidebar to below the header on mobile on orientation change
  • Tweak: Make site title an H1 on the blog page
  • Tweak: Increase z-index of back to top button
  • Tweak: Use em margin spacing for entry meta icons for larger font compatibility
  • Tweak: Add selective refresh to main title and description
  • Tweak: Remove CSS transitions from mobile
  • Tweak: Remove old compatibility code for old versions of GP Premium – make sure you’re using latest GP Premium!
  • Tweak: Update Font Awesome to 4.7
  • New: generate_navigation_location filter
  • New: Allow inner header container to be full width
  • New: Allow inner navigation container to be full width
  • New: Allow inner footer area to be full width
  • New: generate_menu_arrow_theme_locations filter
  • New: Add body line height option
  • New: Add paragraph margin option
  • New: Reset icon added to all size sliders
  • New: Reduce copyright/footer font size default to 14px

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