GP Premium 1.2.92

GP Premium 1.2.92 has been released.

This is a pretty heavy release with some new features and some improvements.

Here’s the full list of changes:

  • Blog: Fix category title and load more alignment while using masonry
  • Blog: Fix masonry spacing on mobile
  • Blog: Simplify masonry spacing
  • Blog: Simplify columns spacing
  • Menu Plus: Fix alignment jump when browser is zoomed in and resized down to 768px
  • Menu Plus: Add generate_logo_title filter to sticky logo and mobile header logo
  • Menu Plus: Add spacing to the menu logo when the inner navigation is set to full width
  • Menu Plus: Fix navigation search issue with no transition sticky menu
  • Menu Plus: Don’t float mobile header navigation if no logo is set
  • Typography: Adjust typography name sanitization function name to avoid errors with old GP versions
  • Typography: Remove parameter from generate_display_google_fonts to avoid warning with child theme generators
  • Typography: Add body line height option
  • Typography: Add paragraph margin option
  • Typography: Reduce copyright/footer font size default to 14px
  • Typography: Add reset button to all size sliders
  • Secondary Nav: Remove CSS which stops floating navigation at 1024px
  • Secondary Nav: Fix jump when removing navigation in the Customizer
  • Secondary Nav: New option: Inner navigation width
  • Secondary Nav: Add reset button to font size slider
  • Secondary Nav: Allow transitions on menu items
  • Sections: Fix bug where error would happen if the user isn’t using at least WordPress 4.5
  • Sections: Remove GP theme grid dependency in admin
  • Sections: Allow oembed in section content
  • Sections: Use jQuery.on() instead of delegate()
  • Sections: Remove unnecessary files
  • Spacing: Prevent warning caused by wrong version constant
  • Page Header: New filter: generate_get_blog_page_header – makes it possible to set the blog page header under different conditions
  • Page Header: Improve full height page header functionality on mobile/orientation change
  • Page Header: Remove fixed background attachment from parallax background image to help preserve image ratio
  • Add prompt to add license key in Plugins area if it isn’t activated and updates are available
  • Move all language files into the /langs/ folder
  • Reduce length of some text domains to avoid updating issue with some servers
  • Chinese translations added – thanks Alfred!
  • Portuguese translation added – thanks Alvaro!
  • Russian translations updated – thanks Alex!
  • German translations updated – thanks Daniel!

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  1. Thank you very much for the updated version!
    Generatepress Premium it’s my favorite way to start every single new project. I highly recommend it


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