GP Premium 1.2.91

GP Premium 1.2.91 has been released with a couple of fixes for bugs found in 1.2.90.

This release also completely re-designed the Page Header metabox.

Here’s the full changelog:

  • Menu Plus: Fix bug where navigation logo wasn’t displaying when effect is set to None
  • Menu Plus: Fix bug where mobile header javascript was showing up when it shouldn’t
  • Sections: Add Shortcodes Ultimate compatibility
  • Page Header: Fix Italian translation
  • Page Header: Only show metabox on public post types
  • Page Header: Fully re-design metabox
  • Page Header: Add padding unit option (px or %)
  • Blog: Make excerpt length value update immediately in Customizer
  • Blog: Improve masonry functionality
  • Russian translations updated – massive thanks to Alexey!

4 thoughts on “GP Premium 1.2.91”

  1. Hi Tom!
    Thanks for your dedication and great work!

    I wonder if there is a way to hide an individual section temporary? That would be a great feature I think, like a button to show / hide a single section. For temporary campaigns or events that may return, perhaps with slight modifications. So I can “save” a section and reuse in the future. Perhaps it can be done with CSS?

    • Pretty simple with some CSS.

      Create a new class:

      .hide-section {display:none;}

      Then inside your Section settings, add that class into the Custom Classes field: hide-section

      That should do it 🙂


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