GP Premium 1.2.93

GP Premium 1.2.93 has been released.

This release coordinates with GP 1.3.42 and includes some new features, as well as a bunch of optimization.

Transparent Colors

A big change to this version is the ability to use transparency in your background colors. This allows you to have semi-transparent elements which is pretty cool.

Mobile Content Padding

You can now also set the padding of your content area while on mobile, which can be very useful.

Section ID

Sections now accepts a custom ID option so you can link to them without using the old ugly identifiers.

General Cleanup

A lot of the code has been optimized and cleaned up.

Full Changelog


  • Backgrounds: Fix 100% width option
  • Blog: Change Post Image label to Featured Image
  • Blog: Fully remove featured image if it’s set to hide
  • Colors: Add transparency slider to all background elements
  • Colors: Remove defaults and dynamic CSS functions – the GP theme handles this
  • Colors: Add new generate_default_color_palettes filter to set up default color palettes
  • Copyright: Use new copyright filter if possible
  • Disabe Elements: Hide mobile header if navigation is disabled
  • Menu Plus: Remove classie.js
  • Menu Plus: Add .navigation-stick class to all sticky menu transitions
  • Menu Plus: Prevent slide-out navigation jump on desktop
  • Menu Plus: Change Sticky Effect label to Sticky Transition
  • Menu Plus: Clean up dynamic CSS
  • Menu Plus: Add .navigation-logo class to the navigation logo
  • Menu Plus: Rebuild and simplify navigation logo CSS
  • Menu Plus: Add live preview to navigation logo height
  • Menu Plus: Add new generate_navigation_logo to the Navigation Logo URL
  • Menu Plus: Fix mixing up of slide-out and search icon when sticky and floating left/right
  • Page Header: Add parallax speed filter – generate_page_header_parallax_speed
  • Page Header: Make sure javascript object exist to avoid potential JS errors
  • Page Header: Make parallax work when page header is set to contained width
  • Page Header: Add generate_metabox_capability to Page Header meta box
  • Page Header: Add new option to overwrite Navigation Logo per page
  • Page Header: Fix full screen page header height when content is longer than the screen
  • Secondary Nav: Change Navigation Position to Navigation Location
  • Secondary Nav: Add defaults to the style.css and only add dynamic CSS if needed
  • Secondary Nav: Improve mobile menu CSS
  • Sections: Add new Section ID field
  • Spacing: Fix instant preview for masonry and columns
  • Spacing: Add size slider to the separator options
  • Spacing: Add mobile content padding option
  • Spacing: Improve live previewing performance in the Customizer
  • Spacing: Remove defaults and dynamic CSS functions – the GP theme handles this
  • Spacing: Set left and right footer widget area padding if it’s set to 0
  • Spacing: Clean up sidebar width code
  • Spacing: Change range slider style to fit core WP style
  • Typography: Move mobile font size options into their respective sections
  • Typography: Remove defaults and dynamic CSS functions – the GP theme handles this
  • Typography: Change generate_display_google_fonts() function to generate_enqueue_google_fonts()
  • Typography: Change range slider style to fit core WP style
  • Change license key field from text to password
  • Czech translation updated
  • German translation updated
  • Brazilian translation added
  • Italian translated updated

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