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GP Premium 1.8.2

GP Premium 1.8.2 is a small update with bug fixes from GP Premium 1.8. Elements: Use Page Hero site title color for mobile header site title Menu Plus: Give mobile header site title more left spacing Menu Plus: Fix nav …

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GP Premium 1.8.1

This is a small update with a fix to a bug introduced in GP Premium 1.8.0. Menu Plus: Revert sticky nav duplicate ID fix due to Cyrillic script bug


GP Premium 1.8.0

WooCommerce WooCommerce was a big focus of ours in this update. We’ve added new features, and improved existing ones. We’ve also improved the design in some areas. Menu Mini Cart You can now add a mini cart to your cart …

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GP Premium 1.7.8

GP Premium 1.7.8 has just been released. This update removes code in the Site Library that was extending a class in Elementor. This code was used to automatically replace image URLs once an Elementor site was imported. Elementor is contemplating …

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GeneratePress 2.2.2

GeneratePress 2.2.2 is a minor release with various small bug fixes. New: Add support for responsive embeds (videos etc..) Fix: Background/text color conflict in block editor if content background is using rgba Fix: Remove aria-expanded attribute from menu dropdown arrows …

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GP Premium 1.7.7

This release fixes a bug inside the Site Library that was preventing content from importing on servers using a PHP version less than 7.2.


GP Premium 1.7.6

This is a bug fix release with various bug fixes from WP 5.0/5.0.1. Elements: Hide Add New button when opening saved Element with no type Sections: Show page title in Gutenberg when Sections are active Sections: Fix relative image URLs …

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GeneratePress 2.2.1

This update has a couple small fixes for issues introduced in GeneratePress 2.2. Fix: Change h4-h6 margin-bottom back to 20px Fix: Prevent content link option from applying to block editor button Tweak: Change dropdown menu arrow role when no menu …

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GP Premium 1.7.5

GP Premium 1.7.5 has been released. This update contains some fixes for bugs introduced in 1.7.4. Colors: Improve block editor button color preview Menu Plus: Mobile menu items hidden behind content with higher z-index when sticky Menu Plus: Prevent mobile …

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GP Premium 1.7.4

This is a quick update that goes hand in hand with GeneratePress 2.2. Colors: Fix navigation live color preview issues Colors: Move navigation parent item title down in Customizer Elements: Allow slashes in hook names General: Fix smooth scroll anchor …

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