GP Premium 1.12.0

GP Premium 1.12.0 is a relatively small feature release compared to our past releases. However, it’s an important release when it comes to GeneratePress 3.0 compatibility.

GeneratePress 3.0

If you haven’t taken a look at GeneratePress 3.0 already, head on over and check it out. It’s a huge release that we’re very excited about.

This update has a lot of small fixes to ensure maximum compatibility with 3.0. If you’ll be updating to 3.0 and using the new features, you definitely want to be running GP Premium 1.12.0.

Site Library

This version greatly improves the theme option-only import process when using the Site Library. This improves the ability to import theme options over existing sites without having to import the site content as well.

We also improved the site removal process and the refresh sites functionality.

Last but not least, 1.12.0 re-introduces Elementor sites into the library after they were removed after Elementor 3.0 was released. Not only are the old sites back, but we also have new ones by Flint Skin named “Digital Creative” and “Mentor” and “LearnEd”.


We made a couple of small improvements to the WooCommerce module. Mainly, we replaced the javascript that was being used for the secondary image feature with CSS, and made it so the woocommerce.min.js file only loads if it’s necessary based on your options.

Full Changelog


  • Blog: Fix column margin on mobile with some caching plugins
  • Blog: Add post-load trigger to infinite scroll for better plugin compatibility
  • Blog: Take generate_blog_columns filter into account when loading columns CSS
  • Colors: Add search menu-bar-item color live preview to Customizer
  • Elements: Fix broken custom hook field in Block Elements
  • Elements: Integrate page hero with text container alignment in GP 3.0
  • Elements: Better integrate Header Element colors with GP 3.0
  • Elements: Only disable content title when {{post_title}} is present on single pages
  • Elements: Fix tag in metabox
  • Elements: Add generate_elements_metabox_ajax_allow_editors filter
  • Elements: Add new 3.0 hooks to hook selector
  • Elements: Re-add generate_elements_custom_args filter
  • Menu Plus: Better prepare navigation as header for GP 3.0
  • Menu Plus: Better prepare Off-Canvas Panel for GP 3.0
  • Menu Plus: Better prepare sticky navigation for GP 3.0
  • Menu Plus: Add has-menu-bar-items class to mobile header if needed
  • Menu Plus: Add is-logo-image class to all site logos
  • Menu Plus: Fix mobile header alignment when it has menu bar items
  • Secondary Nav: Better prepare sticky navigation for GP 3.0
  • Secondary Nav: Fix hidden navigation widget in top bar when merged with secondary nav
  • Sites: Improve the option-only import feature
  • Sites: Improve the refresh sites button functionality
  • Sites: Improve the undo site import functionality
  • Sites: Fix Elementor site import issues
  • Sites: Re-add Elementor sites to library
  • Spacing: Better prepare Customizer live preview for GP 3.0
  • Spacing: Fix blog column spacing Customizer live preview
  • Spacing: Stop handling mobile header, widget and footer widget features added in GP 3.0
  • Typography: Add mobile font size control for H3 (when using GP 3.0)
  • Typography: Add mobile font size control for H4 (when using GP 3.0)
  • Typography: Add mobile font size control for H5 (when using GP 3.0)
  • Typography: Allow empty tablet and mobile site title font size values
  • Typography: Make menu toggle CSS selector specific to primary navigation
  • WooCommerce: Use CSS for secondary product image functionality instead of JS
  • WooCommerce: Only load .js file if needed
  • WooCommerce: Fix quantity box functionality when multiple quantity boxes exist on the page
  • General: Improve alpha color picker script for better 5.5 compatibility
  • General: Move child theme stylesheet after dynamic stylesheet if enabled
  • General: Update
  • General: Update
  • General: Update
  • General: Update
  • General: Update

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  1. Please add Breadcrumbs options with GP Premium. It’s really important (I know I can add Breadcrumbs with some PHP code). But still it’s really necessary. Thank you Tom for this amazing theme.

  2. Hi Sayan, I recommend you to use the SEO plugin “Slim SEO”. Currently, this is the most lightweight SEO plugin and fortunately it have “Breadcrumbs” built-in. So, I think it is the Best option to use with GeneratePress


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