GP 1.3.44

GeneratePress 1.3.44 has been released with a couple quick fixes and additions based on our larger 1.3.42 update. If you’re updating from a version prior to 1.3.42, you should check out this article. Here’s the changelog: 1.3.44 New: Add filter …

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GP Premium 1.2.94

This is a bug fix release which fixes a bug introduced in GP Premium 1.2.93. Check out the entire 1.2.93 version changelog here. Menu Plus: Fix contained sticky menu with no transition + floating bug


GP 1.3.43

This is a small release that fixes a few bugs introduced in 1.3.42. Be sure to check out the changelog for 1.3.42 here if you haven’t already. 1.3.43 Fix: Make sure defaults.css loads only if it won’t cause conflicts Fix: …

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GP Premium 1.2.93

GP Premium 1.2.93 has been released. This release coordinates with GP 1.3.42 and includes some new features, as well as a bunch of optimization. Transparent Colors A big change to this version is the ability to use transparency in your …

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GP 1.3.42

GeneratePress 1.3.42 has been released. This is a pretty major release with a couple new features and a lot of re-written code. New Footer Bar Widget One of the cool things in this release is the addition of the Footer …

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GP 1.3.41

GeneratePress 1.3.41 has just been released. This is a pretty big update with a mix of new features, tweaks and bug fixes. Take a look at all of the changes below. Fix: Align navigation search to the top. Fixes a …

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GP Premium 1.2.92

GP Premium 1.2.92 has been released. This is a pretty heavy release with some new features and some improvements. Here’s the full list of changes: Blog: Fix category title and load more alignment while using masonry Blog: Fix masonry spacing …

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GP 1.3.40

GeneratePress 1.3.40 has been released and is available in your Dashboard. This update has quite a few improvements and optimizations. Here’s the complete changelog: Make sidebar and footer metaboxes appear lower than publish metabox Force words to break if too …

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