GP 1.3.39

GeneratePress 1.3.39 was released today with some minor bug fixes and some improvements.

The .hentry class was removed from pages, which should stop Google from reporting structural data errors resulting from missing author and date elements.

Every PHP file now prevents direct access, stopping people from trying to view any of the theme files. This hardens the security of your site a little bit more.

Here's a list of everything that has changed:

  • Target .post class instead of .hentry in CSS
  • Remove .hentry class from pages to stop schema structual errors (missing author, published etc..)
  • Improve grid to handle browser zooming even better
  • Tighten up some spacing
  • Fix screen reader text placement to prevent horizontal scroll on mobile
  • Make container width input number only
  • Prevent direct access to any theme files
  • Show Blog section even when not viewing the blog in the Customizer

GP 1.3.38

There's been a few updates today. 1.3.35 had a few small bugs which were fixed and released within a couple hours.

Here are the changes:


  • New hook: generate_before_logo
  • New hook: generate_after_logo
  • Fix some grid issues when browser is zoomed in
  • Remove metaboxes from attachment post type
  • Tighten up footer widget spacing on tablet and mobile
  • Remove padding from full width content pages
  • Add triggers to hide/show GP metaboxes
  • Make back to top button accessible to screen readers
  • Use get_bloginfo instead of bloginfo for the site tagline
  • Remove duplicate CSS for menu item height when navigation is floating right
  • Move mobile menu below site logo/title when navigation is floating left or right
  • Make navigation search button accessible to screen readers
  • Remove generate-upload-control.js


  • Fix grid issue if users aren't using mobile-grid-* classes


  • Fix warning in "Appearance > GeneratePress"


  • Fix issue with right floating navigation and .site-branding element

GP Premium 1.2.89

GP Premium 1.2.89 has been released with a couple of small bug fixes.

The main one is that translations weren't working since 1.2.87 - this has now been fixed.

Here's the full changelog:

  • Fix translations
  • GP Hooks: Add new filter: generate_hooks_capability - change the capability for users who can edit hooks
  • Disable Elements: Remove metabox from attachment post type
  • Page Header: Fix issue where merged header navigation colors weren't working
  • Page Header: Remove metabox from the attachment post type
  • Menu Plus: Fix sticky menu not unsticking if it's the very top element

GP Premium 1.2.88

GP Premium 1.2.88 has just been released with some bug fixes and improvements.

Here's the full list of what changed:

  • GP Premium: Cut down unnecessary folders to prevent update failures on some servers
  • Page Header: Add a new option in Advanced Settings: Place content behind header (sliders etc..)
  • Page Header: Fix header and navigation alignment in vertical centered page header when contained
  • Sections: Rename template file to shorter name
  • Typography: Rename control file to shorter name
  • Copyright: Fix/improve live preview of copyright in the Customizer
  • Blog: Show the read more label setting for both excerpt and full content settings
  • Menu Plus: Fix sticky menu stopping at the bottom of the Page Header
  • Menu Plus: Improve sticky menu experience
  • Menu Plus: Float sticky menu logo right when navigation is set to float left
  • Secondary Navigation: Adjust z-index

GP 1.3.34

This is a quick fix dealing with plugins like BuddyPress and Events Calendar.

There was a bug with the new Page Builder Integration metabox that made it so pages created by these plugins were set to full width.

GP 1.3.33

This is a quick fix for any installations running PHP 5.2.

This was a fatal error on those old PHP versions.

If you were affected by this error, see here for instructions on fixing it.

According to, 7% of WordPress installations are running on 5.2 still. GP 1.3.32 was live for a couple hours on a Sunday, so hopefully this means there was only a tiny fraction of people affected.

If you're running PHP 5.2, you should contact your hosting ASAP and ask them to update you to the latest stable version. 5.2 is very old and unsupported, so it's very vulnerable to hacking and other issues.

If you're upgrading from a version prior to 1.3.32, check out the changes here.

GP 1.3.32

This version of GeneratePress should be used with GP Premium 1.2.87.

We've completely re-organized the Customizer to make it more streamlined and easy to use.

This version also offers full RTL language support.

A new metabox has been added called "Page Builder Integration" which allows you to set the page or post to have full width content, which will make using Page Builders to create full width sections much easier.

Here's a full list of what's changed:

  • Enqueue HTML5 shiv and IE8 stylesheet using wp_enqueue_* functions
  • Fix .container class clash with bootstrap
  • Re-organize Layout section in the Customizer
  • Fix cropping issue with the site logo
  • Add Page Header Integration metabox with full width content option
  • Add RTL language support
  • Add selective refresh to widgets
  • Fix footer widget layout issue if heights are different on tablets
  • Add title tag to read more link

GP Premium 1.2.87

GP Premium 1.2.87 focuses on cleaning up the Customizer and hardening the security inside the Customizer by improving the database sanitization and escaping for all options.

The Customizer is organized much better now, but some things have moved.

Here's a general list of where options were, and where they are now.

Secondary Navigation

  • Secondary Navigation / Secondary Navigation --> Layout / Secondary Navigation
  • Secondary Navigation / Secondary Navigation Colors --> Colors / Secondary Navigation
  • Secondary Navigation / Secondary Sub-Navigation Colors --> Colors / Secondary Sub-Navigation
  • Secondary Navigation / Secondary Navigation Typography --> Typography / Secondary Navigation
  • Secondary Navigation / Secondary Navigation Spacing --> Layout / Secondary Navigation
  • Secondary Navigation / Secondary Navigation Backgrounds --> Background Images / Secondary Navigation
  • Secondary Navigation / Secondary Sub-Navigation Backgrounds --> Background Images / Secondary Sub-Navigation

Menu Plus

  • Menu Plus / Mobile Header --> Layout / Header
  • Menu Plus / General Settings --> Layout / Primary Navigation
  • Menu Plus / Sticky Menu --> Layout / Primary Navigation
  • Menu Plus / Slideout Menu --> Layout / Primary Navigation


  • Element Spacing / Header --> Layout / Header
  • Element Spacing / Content --> Layout / Container
  • Element Spacing / Separating Space --> Layout / Container
  • Element Spacing / Primary Menu Items --> Layout / Primary Navigation
  • Element Spacing / Sub-menu Item Height --> Layout / Primary Navigation
  • Element Spacing / Sidebar Widgets --> Layout / Sidebars
  • Element Spacing / Footer Widget Area --> Layout / Footer
  • Element Spacing / Footer --> Layout / Footer

Page Header

The following changes were made, but only if Page Header and Blog are both activated.

  • Blog Page Header / Image Settings --> Blog / Page Header Image
  • Blog Page Header / Content Settings --> Blog / Page Header Content
  • Blog Page Header / Video Settings --> Blog / Page Header Video
  • Blog Page Header / Advanced Settings --> Blog / Page Header Advanced

The Layout panel has been split up into multiple sections to make it easier for you to find specific options.

The Secondary Navigation, Menu Plus and Spacing sections have all been removed, and those options have been moved into the Layout panel in their respective sections.

The Copyright area has also been moved from "Appearance > GeneratePress" into the Customizer.

This is a really great update. Better security is never a bad thing, and a cleaner Customizer means you'll be able to work on your sites much faster!

If you have a hard time finding an option in the Customizer that used to be there, check the Layout panel. If a section has been moved, that's where it ended up.

Here's the full changelog:

  • Increase database sanitization/escaping and harden security throughout all add-ons
  • Backgrounds: Place options into sections inside Background Images panel
  • Blog: Add new filter to set the column count: generate_blog_get_column_count
  • Blog: Add title tag to read more link
  • Secondary Navigation: Fix spacing issue with dropdown menu arrow
  • Secondary Navigation: Remove Secondary Navigation panel
  • Secondary Navigation: Move sections into their applicable panels
  • Secondary Navigation: Add RTL language support
  • Spacing: Place options into sections inside Spacing panel
  • Spacing: Add RTL support
  • Copyright: Move copyright textarea into the Customizer
  • Copyright: Swedish translation added - thanks Jamal!
  • Page Header: Fix logo setting to work with new WordPress 4.5 custom_logo feature
  • Page Header: Vastly improved merged header option
  • Page Header: Move Blog Page Header panel into the Blog panel
  • Sections: Fix bug where first paragraph wasn't being correct wrapped in <p> tag
  • Menu Plus: Move options into Layout panel

GP Premium 1.2.86

GP Premium 1.2.86 has been released with a few bug fixes.

Users who were using the image resizer in Blog and Page Header were running into issues where the image wouldn't show up if they set a size larger than the original image.

The resizer will now upscale the image if necessary instead of not showing it.

Sections also had a bug where images were being blown up to 100% width. Users who are affected by this bug might need to re-add their images to the sections. I'm sorry for the inconvenience!

  • Blog: Allow resizer to upscale images
  • Page Header: Allow resizer to upscale images
  • Sections: Fix issue with images enlarging in Sections

GP 1.3.31

GP 1.3.31 has been released with a bug fix that was causing images to enlarge in your content when Photon is activated.

  • Fix issue where images are enlarging in content if Photon is activated