GeneratePress 2.4.0

GeneratePress 2.4.0 is now available in your Dashboards!

Instead of adding a bunch of new features in this version, we focused on making GeneratePress more flexible. This means we’ve added a bunch of new hooks and filters, which will make adding new features easier in the future.

We were hoping to get the accessibility-ready tag on added to this version, but we hit a roadblock, unfortunately. We’re not able to get that tag without underlining all links in the content area by default. Since we’re not comfortable with introducing a major design change like that in an update, we opted out of the tag for now.

That being said, accessibility is hugely important to us, so we’ve made some other improvements in this version to make things more accessible.

Full Changelog


  • New: generate_inside_site_container hook
  • New: generate_before_comments_container hook to pages
  • New: generate_after_comment_text hook
  • New: generate_after_comment_text hook
  • New: generate_inside_featured_image_output filter
  • New: generate_inside_post_meta_item_output filter
  • New: generate_term_separator filter
  • New: generate_svg_icon_element filter
  • New: generate_before_page_title hook
  • New: generate_after_page_title hook
  • New: generate_media_queries filter
  • New: generate_post_navigation_args filter
  • New: aria-label added to navigation search button (a11y)
  • New: Add support for navigation search colors
  • New: Apply container width to group block inner container
  • Tweak: Allow for custom post meta items
  • Tweak: Add screen reader text to mobile menu button if no text exists (a11y)
  • Tweak: Move comment reply link to below comment text
  • Tweak: Remove margin from .blocks-gallery-grid class
  • Tweak: Clean up rtl.css
  • Tweak: Get all Google fonts only once in Customizer
  • Tweak: Set variable with get_template_directory() in functions.php
  • Tweak: Remove comments link on single posts using CSS only
  • Tweak: Add line-height to headings in block editor
  • Tweak: Use featured image alt instead of post title (a11y)
  • Tweak: Add space between read more and screen reader text (a11y)
  • Tweak: Improve Customizer control styling
  • Tweak: Hide comments link on single posts using CSS only
  • Tweak: Increase space between mobile menu icon + text when using SVG
  • Tweak: Use default block editor color palette
  • Fix: Sidebar spacing in rtl.css
  • Fix: Inability to set “Default” as sidebar layout in Gutenberg

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