7 thoughts on “GeneratePress 3.0.3”

  1. Hi. Thanks for the update. When will you fix html & css errors found using https://validator.w3.org/ & http://www.css-validator.org/?
    “The sizes attribute may be specified only if the srcset attribute is also present.”
    ” The navigation role is unnecessary for element nav.”
    “Article lacks heading. Consider using h2-h6 elements to add identifying headings to all articles.” – about comment authors lines
    “Attribute aria-required is unnecessary for elements that have attribute required.” – about comment textarea

    Left the URL I tested in the website field.

  2. Hi,

    I don’t know if on GP 2.0 if that is a bug.
    – I have changed the text colour in Generateblocks after doing the tutorial from Leo about the custom blog layout and the theme customiser (link colours) overwrote it. After changing it in the customiser and then in generateblocks also some other colour settings (can’t remember which -let’s say the icon or border or maybe a combination of the text colour as well) it worked.

    Have a great day


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