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[Resolved] Want your site showcased?

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    @Binu – Great designs and nice looking sites. Well done.


    Hi there, I thought I’d add my site to the list – GP Premium, Elementor and some custom code using the Snippets plugin. is also in GP Premium, and allows the owners to create mini job sites using pre-built templates within the site.

    Currently looking at swapping my wife’s website from Ark (which I found before I saw the light) to GeneratePress. đŸ™‚


    Hey Tom – it`s my first post! Thanks fpr this great theme! My newest site is


    @eddie : Thank you for the words of appreciation!

    @donna : I am glad to hear that you liked our sites. We used quite a few plugins for smc school site. For & we have used only minimum plugins.

    Additionally we have added a simple css script on to the custom style sheet of PJ to create black and white to colour transition effect (on mouse hover)for picture gallery.
    In case you would like to have the list of plugins we have used, please let me know.

    @david : Thanks for the appreciation.I will convey it to Thomas ( my graphics designer)


    This is my website on GeneratePress –

    Working on another which uses GP, GeoDirectory and BuddyPress. It’s more or less complete, just ironing out a few bugs (not GP related).


    My Website: Pure Generatepress. It`s a Blog/Magazine about Fotography.

    Thanks for the theme!


    Sunward Hobbies for the local Canadian market

    Done for a local club:


    OMG these are all great! I will have to do another GP Showcase/roundup soon!!!


    Here are my latest conversions from genesis to GeneratePress:

    The biggest undertaking yet was and Tom just finished helping me solve an ongoing and quite annoying issue regarding sidebar display.

    Also planning to port a boutique lawyer’s web site away from Genesis and to GeneratePress. (Genesis, be afraid; be very afraid!)



    Post up here; I promote Generate Press to my web developer colleagues whenever I can. Keep up the good work, Tom (and Leo)!



    Good looking sites guys!

    Want to help support GP? Please consider leaving us a review!


    Really slick sites guys!

    @jonimueller thanks for featuring on your showcase. The URL under the image doesn’t work?


    @mark: I had “” but I changed it to “” and it seems to be working now. Thanks for the heads up.


    I’m very pleased with my site. It took me a week to create but I’m pleased with the result except for one issue which I shall write about in another thread.


    Renee the site looks fabu!! I especially love the “Renee Paule” font!

Viewing 15 posts - 1,231 through 1,245 (of 1,252 total)

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