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    Hi Ali – how are you creating those top banners? Is that within Elementor?



    I personally don’t care for builders. I use the page header feature baked right into GP.


    Ali Rand

    Hi Justin, for the justusorlando.com website, I used Elementor page header and merged with the GP menu bar.

    For the most part, I use Elementor page headers as I can see what I’m doing better/faster than the Headers in the GP Elements section. But I definitely use the GP Headers for sites with blog headers or pages that are uniform.

    Also, just launched this new website for Water Heater Man, Inc. of Arizona and loved how it turned out!! (Again going with Elementor page sections as headers here).



    My SEO and marketing website Search Facts is built using only GeneratePress.

    It is not a fancy design by any means, but I personally prefer function over appearance when it comes to websites based mostly on informational text-based content.



    Just finished building my new agency site built with GeneratePress and no page builders!




    @Goerge: I love it. And it’s one of the few sites, agency/creative and otherwise, that looks really slick dark on light!!! Bravo, George.



    @Joni, Hey thanks! Yeah, it has this dark mode, as they say! Just wanted to create something futuristic, forward thinking and really different from the usual look that a lot of recent sites have. And also add slight animations here and there. Just goes to show what you can achieve with GeneratePress! Your words mean a lot to me, thank you!



    Hi! Here’s my blog, it’s a spanish site about nutrition and healthy food. I hope you’ll enjoy it 🙂







    Is MomTricks.com made with GeneratePress? It’s so beautiful. 🙂



    Another website I made with the excellent Generate a press. This is a online shop for T shirt sales.



    Hi everyone, here’s my GeneratePress-based blog https://iThrive.health/.

    I just purchased Elementor Pro and created my latest post with it.

    I’m also using WP Show Posts, Divi’s Bloom (will switch to Elementor’s contact form), Easy Social Share Buttons (will also switch to Elementor’s social elements).

    I started with Press Customizer Pro, then Hueman Pro, then Divi, then back to Hueman Pro, and finally the awesome Generate Press. Always trying to look the balance between good design and performance.

    Thank you!


    Leo Customer Support


    Just create for my client, using generatepress and meta slider https://drivi-powder.id



    Here is another I have finished working on – https://www.gabsterdeals.co.uk

    No builders, just ACF.

Viewing 15 posts - 1,336 through 1,350 (of 1,350 total)

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