[Resolved] Is something like this possible to do for a player profile?

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Home Forums Support Is something like this possible to do for a player profile?

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    Let’s deal with the photo first:

    Your current Grid has 2 containers, each of them are set to 50% in width.

    If you want to add the photo, make it 3 containers:

    1st container with photo, set to 50% in width.

    2nd & 3rd container with post meta, set both of them to 25% in width.


    Ok I think I got the containers set up to the right size. Although on my phone, the featured image seems to repeat itself. I don’t know that it is going to do that on many other phones though because on mine, the main screen is pretty thin.

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    It’s because you’ve set the background image and also added a image block.

    You can remove the image block.


    If I removed the image block how will the featured image fron each player show beside the info?


    Nevermind….I got that image part sorted out myself.

    1. What are the steps to get the player’s number in the box by their name as in the screenshot?

    2. How do I find an individual player profile on the front end of the website?

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    Hi Heath,

    You can pick either. Have the Image Block and not set a Background Image, or set a Background Image and not place an Image Block.

    Either should allow the featured image to appear beside the player info.

    Hope this clarifies. 🙂

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    1. You’ll first need to add a new field for the Player Number.

    Then you may create a new Headline Block retrieving this new custom field value as you’ve done with the other fields. After which, you may design it as needed.

    2. In your CPT, you’ll need to set Has Archive to true so you’ll have an archive page for your player profiles.


    1. Ok I’ll give it a shot.

    2. Where do I find Has Archive?

    3. How do I get text and query loops to show up in the body circled in the screenshot? I put text in the body but nothing shows up.


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    2. It’s in the CPT UI. Go to edit post types then make sure Player profiles is selected. Has Archive should be somewhere below in the settings.

    3. Perhaps you can add it in the Content Template you already have or you can create a new Block Element hooked to somewhere like after_main_content for these specific new Blocks you’re planning to add.


    3. Not real sure what you mean here. Would a block element be able to be different for each profile?
    How exactly would I set it up?


    Also, is there a way to get the image more even with the bottom of the box on the right?


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    3. Yes, it would. A Block Element, which is also the one you’re using to retrieve the fields for you player profile, can retrieve dynamic data if that’s what you mean. What would be the content of this new section?

    As for your second question, there should be a vertical alignment setting for the Container Block. See: https://share.getcloudapp.com/KoujmmnK



    3. So what type of block do I set up?

    I want additional information that I type up on the player. Also would like a news query loop underneath that so that any post that the player is mentioned in will go into that. I hope that makes sense.

    On the image I am wanting the top and bottom of the image to be more inline with the box full of the of the player information on the right. I don’t see that happening in my testing of the vertical alignment whether I select top, center or bottom, the inage stays the same size and does not match the top and bottom.

    Customer Support

    You may use a Block Element hooked to somewhere like after_main_content.

    Let’s try to tackle the image first and discuss the other section for the Query Loop afterwards.

    Image Blocks don’t usually fill the Container when resizing the the browser. What you can do is instead of using an Image Block, set a Background Image to the Container which should hold the image.

    Basically, delete the Image Block, and add a dynamic Background Image to the Container where it should be located.


    I am trying to add a dynamic background image and I can’t say I’m sure how to do that.

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