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    Hello, I am new beginner and as happy as I was when bought Generatepress today, as frustrated I am now, for not being able remove the template images that came with Site and replace them with mine. My library is full of them, but I cannot get rid of them

    GP Premium 1.6.2
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    Hi there,

    The Site Library will import content if you ask it to. Are you trying to remove the posts on the home page (Banana Pumpkin Loaf etc..)?

    If so, you can go into the “Posts” area within the Dashboard and trash those pages.

    Let me know – we’re happy to help you adjust the sites as needed ๐Ÿ™‚


    Oh yes, it works, so now I removed all the unnecessary images, just the girl in About me section doesnt want to leave:-( In which section could I remove her? I tried to do it in pages, but when i click there my picture is there, but on the website its her who appears.
    And then I want to use the chance to ask 2 more questions:
    1. As i was not aware of that I shouldnt import content, now in my library i have hundreds of images.Is there a possibility to remove them all by one sigle click, otherwise it will take me hours to do that one by one?
    2.I have a beautiful big logo that you can see now, but I would like to move it to the left, so that the header doesnt take too much space and put a background picture under the whole section. Is it possible to customize it somehow in this theme or have to find another one?

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    The girl in the sidebar can be removed by going to “Appearance > Widgets”.

    1. Many people choose to import content, as it can be helpful to design their site. Each site should only have a handful of images, so you definitely shouldn’t have hundreds. If you installed a bunch of the sites on top of each other, they can add up.

    Go to the Media Library and check the box above all of the other checkboxes. It will highlight all of the images on the page, which you can then trash.

    2. I’m not seeing a logo on your site – did you remove it?

    You can add a background image to the header area using the Backgrounds module, in Customize > Background Images > Header.


    Hello Tom,
    1.Yes, I tried to go in widgets and remove her but no luck.
    2.The library images have been deleted now, thanks a lot!
    3. I just noticed I had forgotten to press publish, thats why logo was not there, but now it is visible. Besides I also added the image that I would like to spread over the whole area where the logo and tagline is.
    3.Where do I find Background module button?

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    1. It should be a widget named “About Me” in the right sidebar: https://www.screencast.com/t/KhCmjV8q

    3. Your logo is super big. I would resize it so it’s quite a bit smaller.

    Then you can use this CSS to place it next to your site title and description: https://docs.generatepress.com/article/putting-site-title-next-logo/

    4. You can enable it in “Appearance > GeneratePress”, then you can find the control in Customize > Background Images > Header. You can find more info here: https://docs.generatepress.com/article/backgrounds-overview/


    Thank you so much for your answer!
    1.I finally realized that my mistake has been to try to do everything under customize, where possibilities are much less. So now i have replaced her picture with mine easily, but where do I put the text under my picture now? cause under edit image it only offers “link to”
    2. Now I have finally found where to decrease my logo, however, I cant understand where to copy the code you sent me. When I go Appearance>GeneratePress>Customize> I get only following menus: Site identity, layout, colors, Typography, General, Menus, Widgets, Homepage settings, Additional CCS, but no Background image.
    According to the article you sent me, it seems like it can be found under modules by having adds-on. I have no idea where to find this adds-on and how to get to modules.
    3.Suddenly as you can see now in the homepage, there has appeared a photo which was meant for the header with a word home on and is covering everything, where do I remove it?
    4. What I just noticed and what left me in shock is that my article has disappeared, which is horrible, cause it was very important for me that the publishing date was 18th of April, when it was published. In which moment do you think I deleted it?

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    Lead Developer

    1. Instead of using the “Media” widget, use a regular “Text” widget. It will allow you to upload the image, and then add text under it.

    2. The code I gave you can be pasted into the “Additional CSS” area in the Customizer.

    The Backgrounds Images module can be turned on by going to “Appearance > GeneratePress”. If GP Premium is activated, you’ll see a list of premium modules that can be activated and deactivated. Activate the “Backgrounds” one and a “Background Images” panel will appear in the Customizer.

    3. It looks like you created a Page Header and applied it to that home page. You can remove the Page Header by deleting it in the “Page Headers” area, or by removing it using the “Page Header” select option within the Layout metabox while editing that page.

    4. Was it a regular post? If so, can you see it in the “Posts” area of your Dashboard? If not, perhaps it’s in the “Trash” area from when you removed your other posts?


    1. Yes, it worked out with widgets, thank you so much!!!!!
    2.When I open Additional CSS area there are many codes that take up a lot of space from up to down. Do I have to delete them all to put this code you gave me on a blank space, or delete only specific part of the code area and then copy the code you gave me? If so please tell me exctly which part should be replaced as I have no idea how all this coding thing works.
    3.With the background picture I succeeded though, just wanted to ask, if in the side areas I want to put a neutral color instead of image, that also goes for body, what do I do, cause there are no option of choosing color, just select image?
    To explain better what I mean, you can see in this blog, where she has the grey areas around, i want to put some other color.http://www.adventurouskate.com
    4.Yes, I got back my port as well!!!!!So grateful!I don’t know what is the difference between a regular post and other posts, but that was my only, first post.
    5.I also have a question when it comes to the menu line where it is written: home, content, blog, about. Between blog and about, there is a empty space.I kind of figured out my self that it might be because under pages where all the option are mentioned, the also appears:#86 (no title), but I don’t know how to remove it.I tried selecting the options I need: home, content, blog, about and say add to menu, but no change. What do you suggest?

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    Lead Developer

    2. Add the additional code to the very bottom of Additional CSS – after everything else.

    3. Which side areas exactly? Outside of the header?

    5. Try going to “Appearance > Menus”. You’re able to edit/add/remove menu items in there.

    Let me know ๐Ÿ™‚


    2.Thanks!Do I add the code with space in between the previous code or without space, or it doesn’t matter?
    3.the area on both sides of the sidebar and text. I guess its called body, cause when I tried it out and selected an image, there were many copies of the image covering all the area on the sides.I have actually never seen photos in those areas, just a neutral color if it is not left white, but in that option, there is only possibility of an image, no color.
    4.Every time a put in a an image there is an option: to Link to: and then http://. I know that it has something to do to be able to find the picture on the internet, but how do I correctly write this link?Can you explain me that? Do I start with http://goitdoit.com or I just write goitdoit.com or something else?
    When I edit an image there is also an option of entering alt text and link, what do these things mean and do they also have a connection with internet or social media and how do I fill them in correctly?

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    Lead Developer

    2. It doesn’t really matter. I always like to have a space between.

    3. You can change the body background color in Customize > Colors > Body.

    4. You should always start your URLs with http:// or https://

    The alt text shows up to screen readers and will show if the image can’t load – it should be a short description of the image.


    Yes, it worked with the backgrounds!
    1. What is the difference between if I start with http:// or https://?
    2. Now, when I thought all the challenges have been solved i got a new one, problems with downloading images. So in the header, in order to get the airplanes tail right in the middle and to the very right but not to have the header big, i put the photo in photoshop, cut it thus getting the photo long in order to show what i want and then, saved as jpeg file. Now when I select it, and comes out a dialog box where i have the photos, and i want to choose the cut image, it cannot be chosen, i can click on it how many times I want, nothing happens, and the button Choose is very light grey, just the button Cancel is dark.I checked if its too heavy – not the case at all.What could it be, isnt it possible to choose off size images?
    3.Now that I have put in the code for moving my logo around, where exactly in the customize menu do I enter to move it around the header, haven’t seen such option going through all the menus.

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    Lead Developer

    1. https:// is for sites with an SSL certificate.

    2. I’m not too sure what you mean. Are you having a hard time saving the image in Photoshop?

    3. Are you wanting to align the logo somewhere different?


    1.OK, I see.
    2.No, In photoshop I have saved the image, that I proccesed and adjusted to my needs of the blog header, as a jpeg file without problems. The problem comes when I want to import this picture processed in Photoshop into my blog, cause in the moment I want to choose it, i cant do it. The file, that i want to choose, appears in a very light color and the choose button is also light-not possible to press it either, only the cancel function is available.Why is that?
    3. yes I want to move the logo more to the left from where it is now.

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