GP Premium 1.2.81

This is a major update to GP Premium with tons of new features and bug fixes.

Some noteable features in this update is the complete rewrite of the Page Header add-on, including new options like video backgrounds, merging the page header and site header, and the ability to change the site logo/header on a per page basis.

Page Header also moved all options from “Appearance > Blog Page Header” to “Customize > Blog Page Header”.

Another awesome new feature in this update is the Mobile Header feature in Menu Plus. This allows you to set a minimal mobile header to your website to save space and look more stylish on mobile devices.

Here’s the full changelog of what changed:

Quick bug fix dealing with a javascript error in Safari due to the new Page Header options.

= 1.2.81 =

  • Page Header: Fix javascript bug in Safari

= 1.2.80 =

  • Page Header: Fix iOS bug with parallax background image
  • Page Header: Move “Appearance > Blog Page Header” to “Customize > Page Header > Blog”
  • Page Header: Adjust proportional resizing
  • Page Header: Add generate_page_header_featured_image filter to force usage of the featured image over the custom field
  • Page Header: Add option to merge site header and page header with a transparent navigation
  • Page Header: Add option to include a video background in your page header
  • Page Header: Add option to replace your logo/header on individual pages/posts
  • Page Header: Improve metabox saving to prevent empty values in the database
  • Page Header: Minify parallax JS
  • Typography: Add input fields to font sizes to manually adjust them without slider
  • Typography: Adjust separators in Customizer
  • Typography: Add mobile font sizes for the main title, H1 and H2
  • Menu Plus: Adjust navigation width with container width in Customizer
  • Menu Plus: Fix sticky navigation spacer width
  • Menu Plus: Navigation float right aligns sticky menu items to the right
  • Menu Plus: Add new dropdown arrows to slideout menu
  • Menu Plus: New Feature: Mobile Header
  • Menu Plus: Separate options into panels
  • Menu Plus: Close slideout menu with escape key
  • Secondary Nav: Fix separator spacing below secondary navigation in the widget area
  • Secondary Nav: Add support for navigation click dropdown
  • Secondary Nav: Minify CSS and JS
  • Blog: Fix category/author page header when columns are set
  • Blog: Remove generate_blog_activate_masonry function and bundle it in with generate_blog_get_masonry function
  • Blog: Turn off masonry if we’re on WooCommerce search results
  • Blog: Turn off columns if we’re on WooCommerce search results
  • Blog: Minify CSS and JS
  • Colors: Add focus styles to navigation
  • Backgrounds: Add separators in Customizer
  • Backgrounds: Fix doubling up background images in the content when One Container is set
  • Spacing: Add separators in Customizer
  • Sections: Improve editor handling when visual editor is turned off
  • Sections: Use excerpt metabox on archives/blog if Sections is in use in single post
  • Sections: Fix bug where archives/blog loses layout if most recent post is using Sections
  • Sections: Minify CSS and JS
  • Disable Elements: Improve metabox saving to prevent empty values in the database
  • Italian translations added for all add-ons – thank you Roberto!
  • German translations updated for all add-ons – thank you Daniel!

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