GP 1.3.29

GeneratePress 1.3.29 has been released with these changes:

  • Adjust metaboxes to not save empty postmeta
  • Only make container full width with Beaver Builder when no sidebars is set
  • Remove decrease in main title size on mobile to make way for new mobile typography options
  • Minify style.css
  • New hook: generate_before_entry_title
  • New hook: generate_after_entry_title
  • Move post meta to a function so it can be hooked into before the title to after the title
  • Change comments icon to:
  • Make WooCommerce product full width on mobile
  • Fix spacing to the right of the dropdown menu toggle
  • Minify HTML5 Shiv
  • Adjust child comment spacing on mobile
  • Update to Font Awesome 4.6.1
  • Remove edit link at the bottom of the page when logged in
  • Switch the site logo option to use the new custom logo feature in WordPress 4.5
  • Change metabox capability to edit_theme_options from activate_plugins
  • Add new filter to strip Font Awesome down to the essentials (+1 performance): generate_fontawesome_essentials

6 thoughts on “GP 1.3.29”

  1. Why ‘Remove edit link at the bottom of the page when logged in’ – I think that’s actually quite useful.

    • I thought it was kind of pointless seeing as there’s an “Edit page” link in the admin bar.

      There’s always the option to add it back in there if you’d like – just make a request in the forum and I’ll throw up some code πŸ™‚


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