GP 1.3.28

GeneratePress 1.3.28 has just been released.

One major change is that GeneratePress no longer uses the bundled .pot files for translation. If you’re using GP in a different language, please update your language on here.

Here’s a full list of what changed:

  • New hook: generate_inside_comments
  • New hook: generate_below_comments_title
  • Fix javascript error in IE8
  • Adjust menu toggle icon line height
  • Remove query strings from Font Awesome calls
  • Reduce space between dropdown arrow and menu item
  • Improve touch functionality on hover dropdown menus
  • Center alignright and alignleft images on mobile
  • Remove WP default hide site title/tagline control from Customizer
  • Remove woocommerce.php file as integration is handled by hooks
  • Open sub-menu in mobile menu on item click if URL is # or empty
  • Prevent elements within fieldets from overflowing in WebKit
  • New function: generate_construct_site_title
  • New function: generate_construct_logo
  • New function: generate_construct_header_widget
  • Clean up generate_header_items function
  • Float dropdown arrow to the right when navigation is in a sidebar
  • Remove language files to allow language packs to take effect:

2 thoughts on “GP 1.3.28”

  1. I can help translating to portuguese. But first I would like to know what is the advantage of having this new translation system instead of the old .pot files.

    • Hi Marco,

      The new system reduces the file size of GeneratePress.

      It also allows multiple people to collaborate on the same translation. I’ve had multiple people send me translations for the same language within a day or so, which means they went through every single word and translated it, when they could have collaborated and saved a bunch of time.

      It’s definitely the right decision moving forward 🙂


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