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    Hey there!
    Right now we’re working on a few different sites using GP (espec. since the WooCommerce add-on) and one is located at
    Die Akkordeonwerkstatt

    There is still work to be done for the shop but all in all it’s quite okay. 😀
    Switched over from Outreach Pro (Genesis Child Theme) since WooCommerce was a pita to set up (despite using Genesis Connect).
    Uploaded Generatepress, made the design adjustments and WooCommerce worked out of the box very nicely and without hassle.

    So in this case:
    Generatepress 1
    Studiopress 0
    And I do like Studiopress but Generatepress is just very versatile.


    Tom Lead Developer

    Nice site, Sebastian! Really glad you’re enjoying GP 🙂



    Tom, thank you for such a great product and great support. Look forward to new updates!!
    Just a couple of sites.



    Tom Lead Developer


    You can showcase my site if you want to. theCopySmith.com I’m not tech inclined at all. A true beginner, I had to “make” things work at times. But I think it came out pretty good, all things considered. Thanks for consideration. Would you please let me know if you choose my site? Kind Regards, and good luck in all you do.
    Jody Sabo


    Tom Lead Developer

    Great job, Jody! It looks great 🙂



    I am proudly using GP in my website and I have mentioned this in the footer of my website, too.

    This is my personal website and I publish my experiences about computer and online business.




    Hey, all!

    First addition to the showcase collections :). I really enjoied working with GP Pro.

    Natural Fresh



    Tom Lead Developer

    Great sites! Thank you both for sharing 🙂



    Hello everyone!

    This is the official website where I offer my services. Newly redesigned with GP + Elementor.


    I come from a themeforest template, pretty good the truth but nothing to do with the flexibility we have now. I have been using GP in all projects and finally my main site could not be less.

    I hope you like it.

    Greetings to the whole community.


    Tom Lead Developer

    Great website! Love the colors 🙂



    @idesignstudio: Schöne Website, gefällt mir.

    An den Meta-Titles und den Descriptions könntest aber noch etwas feilen. Die von YOAST generierten Angaben sind nicht so toll. Vielleicht solltest da noch ein paar Einstellungen ändern.



    Hi to all.
    i make my site whit generatepress and elementor.
    After many working hours I published it:

    Ps thanks to generatepress beacause my site have a very clean code and is very fast ….



    Hello Tom, this is a really great idea!

    GP Premium + Elementor are now my beloved team, and i recommend to everybody that asks me for design tips.
    I love that this combo can be used without the need to be a coder.

    With the same philosphy in mind, i’ve just started my website that is dedicated to whom want to use a VPS server for hosting website, instead of using a classical shared hosting platform.

    My website is: https://www.vpsops.com i’d like to receive any feedback from other members and for that special occasion i’m searching for testimonials, more information on this page:


    Thank you for the great job and commitment!
    Keep going



    I would love to have my site showcased. I think the GeneratePress premium theme is perfect for the site.

    Only problem I really had was that when one clicks on the videos at the bottom of the page the youtube videos display too small. (Videos were inserted with Elementor builder)


Viewing 15 posts - 931 through 945 (of 1,304 total)

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