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    Hi everyone,

    this is my site based on the great theme GP. I develloped it with some support from Tom – many thanks to him. I love GP!

    My site

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Many thanks for sharing! It looks great 🙂


    Hi Karim,

    how did you manage that footer so nicely any plugins added or was it just the theme?
    Or maybe Tom knows how this is done.


    Hello Sjoerd,

    Thanks mate, appreciate it;)

    It’s easily done. I use Tom’s theme combined with this:

    Siteorigin pagebuilder (absolutely free) https://wordpress.org/plugins/siteorigin-panels/
    Siteorigin widgets bundle (free too) https://wordpress.org/plugins/so-widgets-bundle/
    To get the visual editor editor of siteorigin working, you also need download the tinymce widget https://wordpress.org/plugins/black-studio-tinymce-widget/

    These tools work perfectly with Tom’s theme. As for the footer, you can add 1 widget to each footer column, or you can use the first widget only, then add the “layout builder” widget, which comes with the widgets bundle i mentioned above. You can give it as much columns as you like and configure as you desire. It works really great.

    As for my website, I used for each column the visual editor, and in this way:
    *the first column added the links one by one.
    *the second column i used this plugin to insert icons in the visual editor: https://wordpress.org/plugins/svg-vector-icon-plugin/
    *the third column is a snippet taken from the rich review plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/rich-reviews/
    *the fourth column is a simple contactform made with contact form 7, and then added the shortcode in the visual editor widget.

    That’s about it i guess. If you wanna know more, let me know. I gladly help;)


    To get the visual editor editor of siteorigin working, you also need download the tinymce widget

    This is not necessary anymore, the siteorigin visual editor widget works perfectly without the tinymce widget.


    Thanks Jasper, didn’t know that. Always good to be updated:)


    Thanks for taking the time for this really detailed response i can work with that !



    No problem at all;)


    Hey there…

    Still busy building this site at the moment.


    Tell me what you think. I know that this doesn’t look like GP at all^^

    Greetings Helge

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Very cool! Like the dark design 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


    @Helge: Schöne Grüße aus Magdeburg. Gelungene Seite. 😉

    Well done.


    Hello everyone,

    Here I put online tonight.

    I present you my new Iphoneography site (Smartphone to photograph).

    I wanted to have a pretty simple site in the presentation, and also not too complicated in navigation.
    Feel free to tell me what you think, even if you do not like;)

    For cons, I find my contact page is not really a success for me. So if you have suggestions let me know!

    Good visit, and thank you to Tom for his work, and the people who helped me on the forum.



    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Nice site, Philippe! Perfect for a photography site, the dark background makes the images stand out 🙂


    Hey Philippe,

    very nice site. I love your concept for presenting your photos. Nice, clean and simple.


    Hey all,

    After battling with two Microsoft Edge bugs I finally went live with this site: http://tinyurl.com/zl4fz4b
    I’ve built a few sites with GP before but this was my first with Woocommerce.

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