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    Sibi Paul

    Hello Sir.

    Recently I have Tested AMP in a Large Site.

    So, there I got Many Errors…

    Settings I put in AMP is to Auto Accept Errors, so AMP Test and Validator Online sites giving Pass result.

    Check That Sites Discussion TOPIC Here – https://generatepress.com/forums/topic/enable-amp-with-generate-press/

    Why I Open Here New Thread?

    I wanted to Test & Fix All AMP issues With a Fresh Clean Website.

    I Don’t want to mess up Two sites issues in One Thread, it will confuse both of us.

    Coming to The Matter.

    1 – New Domain, New Hosting, Fresh WordPress Installation 4.9.9 + GP 2.2.2 + Premium 1.7

    2 – Installed twenty Nineteen Theme + AMP Plugin by Automatic ( No Other Plugins Activated )

    3 – Tested Everything – Works Good Neat With AMP

    4 – Installed & Activated Generatepress ( premium plugin not activated )

    5 – Generatepress + AMP Plugin Only

    —————————— Errors & Settings ——————–

    in AMP Settings,

    I choose ” Paired Mode ” ( for both themes )

    Validation Handling: ” Automatically accept sanitization for any newly encountered AMP validation errors. ”

    Supported Templates: ” Serve all templates as AMP regardless of what is being queried.”

    Due to Validation handling Auto, We get Pass Results in Google Amp test and Amp Validator test online


    in the WP Dashboard, we see some “AMP Validation Error Index” ( same problem in another site mentioned in other thread above – List is huge, so I installed a new site with fresh to Properly FIX errors – The another site also pass in google online test – but WP dashboard has so much errors)

    Error Details ( Screenshot will be better )






    NB: GP Default Installation + AMP Plugin

    if You Need I can Share Wp Credentials to Login.

    NB: Google amp test and amp validator online give the pass. Because AMP Plugin Auto Accepts the errors or forgives the error.

    but when we use the Default Theme Twenty Nineteen, Then Plugin Shows Clean in Dashboard as well as in the online tests.


    This is Something we need to change in the generatepress codes or need to add something to match with AMP.

    When You Have Done, Generatepress Can be listed in the Best AMP Supported themes List.

    many People Searching for that.

    I was not installed AMP in my sites on these 2 years – i just waited because may be Google will shutdown AMP ( i thought before )

    But, Now I realize, Future is AMP…

    Google Started Ranking AMP Enabled sites. I lost 70% Organic Visitors due to the Absense of AMP.

    So, AMP Support 100% is Very Important task for Every Theme builders.

    Themeforest has listed many AMP Enabled themes.

    Many Companies like MTS not yet started AMP yet…

    I was Asking Them from Last two years.

    Finally I left MTS and Joined in Generatepress ( Generatepress works faster than any AMP Site )

    But, AMP is now a Ranking Factor, so, we could go for it.

    That Made me install the AMP Plugin in my another site.

    So, Take it as much as serious.

    Now a days , so many peiple installing AMP… Consider this in priority.


    Just ask me if you need Login details.

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    GeneratePress itself isn’t integrated with AMP yet, but it’s something we’ll be handling in the 2.3 update. I’ll use this post as a reference for things we need to look at/fix.

    Thank you! πŸ™‚

    Sibi Paul

    time is very precious.

    so do it asap…

    nowadays people migrating from one to another.


    Ooohhh looking forward to that Tommo, appreciate all your hard work mate.
    I know you just released 2.2.2 but any idea on a timeframe for that? Ok if not, just curious is all.

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    No timeframe yet – we’re prepping GPP 1.8 for beta testing.

    We may end up doing a separate plugin that integrates AMP with GP. We’ll see πŸ™‚

    Sibi Paul

    Now a Days AMP is Very Important.

    70% of Page Views Comes from Mobile.

    Google Ranks AMP Pages First.

    When I use Generate press + AMP Plugin,

    Google Webmaster sending me Emails to FIX AMP Validation errors.

    I am Listing The Errors Here.

    1 – A mandatory AMP HTML tag is missing from this document

    2 – Only amp-boilerplate and amp-custom ‘style’ tags are allowed, and only in the document head

    3 – Tag or text which is only allowed inside the body section found outside of the body section

    4 – The tag ‘BODY’ appears more than once in the document

    5 – An AMP component ‘script’ tag is present but unused

    Google Shows This URL For More Info About This Issues –


    Wordpress Default Themes ( Twenty Nineteen and Seventeen ) Works 100% Clear With AMP.

    Also, some Themeforest Themes Also Works Good.

    I Have Two Options

    1 – Wait for Generate press Fix issues

    2 – Buy a New Theme from Another Brand and Move All My Site from GP

    I Prefer the First Option.

    So, I’m Posting Some Suggestions.

    Pause All the Ongoing RND, Turn your Focus to AMP Immediately.

    Can Change GP Core Codes According to AMP


    Launch a Plugin, Which Makes GP Compatible with AMP ( Preferred )

    Plugin Dedicated for GP theme to Enable AMP

    Name Can be ” Enable AMP in GeneratePress ”

    Kindly Do Something Within One or Two Weeks.

    Otherwise, I am very sorry to Leave.

    NOT Only Me, Think, Many GP Fans Really needed this…

    They will leave one by one very soon.

    and coming back to GP again will be almost Not possible later.

    So, Kindly Take a Decision in a Timely manner.

    We Love GP, But, Google Loves to Show Mobile Users AMP Pages More Than Light Pages.

    The Secret Behind AMP – Google Won’t Let You Know

    Google Want to Be in TOP #1 Position for always,

    So, All the Page Loads should be under google domain, so they can improve googles page views so more …

    means, Search Results redirects to google page itself while showing searched content.

    people see searched website, but page loads to Google ( Facebook also launched Instant Article to Increase their page views – its similar to amp )

    so, both of they will continue with this, they will try to increase their page views

    google with amp and Facebook with the instant article.

    the internet is focused on these two companies.

    we have to follow them or leave this business.


    build something big than google and facebook.

    Anyway, for now… as a GP user.

    everyone looking to this AMP

    Kindly Understand the Situation.

    for your Knowledge

    I had Daily 150K Visitor daily, now… after Google started this ranking

    I’m getting daily 4K

    Think the difference.

    so, I am forced to use AMP at any cost…

    not only me, all Webmaster who really care about SEO.

    Just Waiting For Your Decision.

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Hi there,

    We understand the importance and will address it ASAP πŸ™‚

    Sibi Paul

    perfect, after done, let us know…

    Sibi Paul

    This is for Error FIX?

    Actually, I was Looking for a Dedicated AMP Plugin from GP.

    Plugin Name ” AMP for GP ”

    So, We No Need to Install the Default AMP Plugin.

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    The official AMP plugin will definitely be necessary. Awesome developers have already taken the time to develop it, so there’s no need to re-invent the wheel.

    For people looking for a way to integrate GP with the official AMP plugin, here’s the plugin we wrote: https://github.com/tomusborne/amp-for-generatepress

    Sibi Paul


    Do you have any Updates on AMP for Generatepress?

    I did not check this forum a long time.

    I Purchased other themes to fulfill my requirements.

    now, its the time to renewal…

    if you have something new, I am happy to be here…

    GP is one of my favorite themes ever.

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    What outstanding issues are you experiencing with the AMP plugin we wrote?

    Let me know πŸ™‚

    Sibi Paul

    AMP Plugin from GeneratePress?

    or AMP From Automatic?

    if GP Has a Dedicated Plugin, Then send me a link.

    if you talk about Default AMP Plugin from Automattic, Then… it still has the Validation errors warning in WP Dashboard.

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    The GeneratePress plugin I linked to above: https://generatepress.com/forums/topic/amp-validation-error-index-in-generatepress-theme/#post-862124

    It works along with the official AMP plugin.

    Let me know πŸ™‚

    Sibi Paul

    What do you Mean By it works Along with GeneratePress?

    if You mean Install Plugin in WP Dashboard, in that way Yes its working along with AMP.

    But, Why Should I Install it?

    to fix the warnings… when Default AMP Installed in GP Theme.


    if you build this Patch Plugin to Fix That.

    Then, it is NOT Working.

    Seriously Not working.

    I still See the Warnings inside AMP.

    That Warnings Disappear When I activate Default themes…

    But, When Activate GP, Warnings Comes back…

    I know, there are Options to Forget, Hide, Remove these Warnings…

    I did that…

    after a few Hours, Those warnings come back.

    NB: it’s easy if you check a GP Install and Install those Two AMP Plugin…

    You can see those warnings Your self in WP Dashboard.

    NB 2 : AMP Validators Pass The URLs – Same Like before.

    Warnings are in WP Dashboard Only.



    This two Test PASS

    When I add ?amp at the last of my URLs

    That was also worked before… without installing the patch

    it PASS even if I deactivate the AMP for Generatepress Plugin.

    My Final Question is

    Why You Built AMP for Generatepress Plugin?


    Why You Can’t Built GP same way the Default Theme they Built ( Just a Curiosity )

    NB: Please Don’t feel bad, I waited Almost One Year Only to FIX This AMP and Start using GP in a New Site…

    And now I am ready to work on my new site, still, I’m facing the same issue, even after you provided a Plugin…

    Then… πŸ™‚

    I have Astra Theme, Nowadays knows as GP Competitor and Fast Growing theme.

    Unfortunately, they also have the same trouble πŸ™‚

    Before I pay for Premium, I tested their FREE version with AMP.

    then found these warnings…

    But, I did not contact them to fix this…

    here I’m doing ( contacting you ) to fix this, because…

    GP is the first theme I ever have seen lightweight. ( Astra comes second to me ).

    So, Show some responsibility to your Valuable customer.

    I hope You will do it.

    My New Project is Related to WordPress.

    I share my experience there over a decade.

    Let me write a dedicated article there about GP.

    Make me Happy Dear… fix this asap…


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