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    Why You Built AMP for Generatepress Plugin?

    I built it to make GeneratePress compatible with the official AMP plugin. There are things in the theme that aren’t compatible, so the plugin is necessary to fix those issues. Fixing these issues directly in the theme means adding a bunch of code to the theme. For people not using AMP, that coding is completely unnecessary and adds bloat for no reason.

    If you’re getting warnings using our plugin and the official AMP plugin, please let us know what the warnings are so we can research them further and fix them. It’s very likely that the plugin needs more work, and I intend to finish it. However, there are only a few people who are requesting it, so other things have had more priority lately.

    I know it’s important to you that we get it working perfectly. The best thing you can do to help speed things up is to test it and provide information on what needs fixing.

    Thanks! I appreciate all the feedback ๐Ÿ™‚

    Sibi Paul


    Check This URL – https://i.postimg.cc/Wp8GFysV/GP-AMP-1.png

    in that Image, I marked a Circle

    Two Notifications showing Under AMP Plugin

    1 – Validated URL 1

    2 – Error Index 3

    I cleared them bu Mark all and forget – remove – empty.

    I made it empty.

    After Few Hours,

    When I visit an AMP URL…

    This Warning Comes Again.

    Then, Visit This URL – https://i.postimg.cc/ZqLR717K/GP-AMP-2.png

    Check This Image…

    Here You can see the inside the circle AMP Shows ” Review 3 AMP Validation issues ”

    Which Means, This AMP FIX Plugin from GP Not Fixed The Validation issues… Yet.

    BUT, I have to Say One Thing…

    Two AMP Validators ( Google & AMP Project )

    Both Gives me Pass Results…

    I’m Confused about the WordPress Dashboard.

    The Testers Says VALID – But Official AMP Plugin Says 3 issues to be fixed.

    I Hope You Got Maximum information from this…

    You Can Test it in your server. and see those errors…

    NB: This was the same issue I reported One Year before ๐Ÿ™‚


    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Thanks! Those look very simple to fix – I’ll take a look this week and will update the plugin ๐Ÿ™‚

    Sibi Paul

    Very Simple to Hide Those Warnings?


    Changing the Source Code?

    Actually, I have to Mention one thing Here.

    I’m using many other Themes…

    They are 100% Compatible with AMP Official Plugin.

    Doesn’t Required a Patch Like this.

    Actually I expected That from GP.

    Adding an AMP Module in GP Elements, Will be Great.

    My experience, Twenty Nineteen Theme Works Good with AMP, it’s lightweight and AMP Compatible.

    I’m not even satisfied with Twenty Twenty Theme.

    So, if Possible, Change things like to Twenty Nineteen.

    if that is not possible, add a Module which adds extra AMP scripts in AMP Pages.

    Other than a Plugin, an AMP Module is More Good.

    Most Important Points: GeneratePress is Wonderfull than Any Theme in WordPress Market.

    it Doesn’t need AMP ( if considering to load fast )

    for the Speed, AMP is Not required for GeneratePress.

    Because GP is Faster Than AMP.

    So, if You Can’t Make GP Codes like the Twenty Nineteen, Then Leave This AMP Project.

    Installing Multiple Plugins for a Simple Function is Not Really Good.

    I am happy with the Current Frame Work of GP.

    You May Have a Question Now…

    Then Why You Need AMP?

    The Answer is Here,

    Now, Google Started Ranking AMP Pages First.

    AMP Page Means, a webpage that has proper AMP Function.

    Google, Not Send Visitors to The AMP-enabled Website.

    Google, Actually Stores the AMP Page Contents in their server.

    Then, Shows a Google.com/amp-subject page


    Google Don’t Want to Send Visitors to Other Domain ๐Ÿ™‚

    Google, Sending Mobile Phone Visitors to Google’s Own Page.


    Google’s Page Rank Will Be #1 ๐Ÿ™‚ in Alexa.

    You may think, it’s bullshit.

    But This is True.

    You Can Research This Your self.

    ex: You May Heard about Facebook’s Instant Article

    That’s a Function, Inspired by Google’s AMP

    to Keep Outbound Links Inside Facebook.

    A lot of things are there…

    AMP is a RANKING Factor.

    Instant Article is a Ranking Factor in Facebook.

    Both of them Will Promote their Links Only.

    because They Don’t want to send Visitors Out Side.

    NB: if we start doing something, Do it Properly.

    if Not Leave it…

    I Really Don’t Like AMP or Instant Articles.

    Because it keeps the users inside their pages.

    They Won’t Increase Our Domain Ratings or Anything Like that.

    By Doing This, They Increase Their Value too high.

    and All Other domains suffer a lot.

    But, Currently, We Can’t build another google or facebook.

    Websites, NOT Having Visitors from Mobile having No Problems…

    Some of My Site Having 93% Visitors from mobile.

    In that case, AMP is a Serious problem for me.

    NB: if you are planning to do something in AMP.

    Remeber Few Things Before You Start.

    1 – Install Twenty Nineteen Theme + Official AMP Plugin

    2 – Post Somethings, and Check Validation in AMP Project and Google Test

    3 – Connect With Webmaster, Test That Site 7 Days.

    4 – Mean while, Create another site ( Same time )

    5 – Install GP + Official Plugin

    6 – Post Articles as another site does.

    7 – Connect Webmaster as the other site.

    8 – watch both sites.

    So, You will understand very well, What actually I am saying about.

    Create Two Sites, One with GP another with Twenty Nineteen.

    Both Use webmaster and AMP.

    Check for 7 Days,

    You will get warnings from google webmaster.

    try to fix and make GP compatible to AMP

    or simply leave this Topic.

    if you are doing this, do the right way as I mentioned above.

    Remember: I will still use GP, even if it does not have AMP.


    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    I prefer the plugin route in this situation, simply because things change. If I’m developing TwentyTwentyOne, I know that TwentyTwentyTwo will replace it next year and I can change things. AMP is popular right now, and that’s good. What about in 5 years? Will it still be popular? Maybe something will replace it? If something does replace it, it sure would suck to have a bunch of AMP code in GP.

    I’m committed to keeping GP as lightweight as possible. It’s been 5 years and we’re still light and fast, and decisions like this will ensure we’re just as light and fast in another 5 years.

    I understand why AMP is popular and why it’s important, which is why we’re developing this companion plugin. Having the code in the plugin or in GPP is the same thing – code is code.

    I definitely won’t just hide the warnings – I’ll fix them. In this case, it seems like a couple of javascript files need to be removed if AMP is active.

    Thanks again for all the feedback and conversation – I appreciate it ๐Ÿ™‚

    Sibi Paul

    I Think, You Not Yet Research More about AMP.

    Simply, AMP Won’t Allow Scripts to RUN ๐Ÿ™‚

    But, They Allow Some Scripts Made for AMP


    <script async custom-element="amp-auto-ads" src="https://cdn.ampproject.org/v0/amp-auto-ads-0.1.js"></script>

    <amp-auto-ads type="adsense" data-ad-client="ca-pub-5439573510495356">

    I Highly Appreciate GP Because of its Light Weight.

    And it Should be Light Weight For Next 10 Year at least.

    Do not ADD AMP Codes in GP.

    Just Do it With a Plugin

    ( I Appreciate Your Decision Here )

    I have a Major Request to Tell You.

    Kindly Spend Some Time, to Check What Exactly AMP.

    How Does That Works…

    And As I said in The Previous Post,

    Try Twenty Nineteen Theme + AMP in One Domain

    and GP + AMP in Another Domain

    This will Give you More Practical Info.

    Secret: NO Other Major Theme Companies 100% Compatible with AMP Yet.

    I have Membership in All Popular Companies.

    Trust me, if you need I can send the List in secret.

    I’m an Affiliate, so I can’t say it publicly.

    All They Developed Companion Plugin & Just Hides the Warnings ( Warning TAB )

    That’s an Easy Idea to Make Customers Silent.

    But, That is NOT A Good Idea.

    Look Dear,

    AMP is a Project by Google + WordPress ( Automatic )

    Instant Article is By Facebook + WordPress ( Automatic )

    They, Won’t Stop it… Until They Get Visitors From Mobile.

    Major News Websites are Having 90% + Mobile Page Views.

    As Discussed Above, Google and Facebook Won’t Leave Visitors from Their Domain.

    A Leaked Info from Google Officials: AMP Will be Tie up soon with YouTube.

    Ex: When You see a YouTube Link in WhatsApp, Click on the Thumbnail, Video Plays Under WhatsApp.

    Same Way, YouTube Will Act as a Browser, and Show The Outbound Links WebPage Under YouTube APP.

    My Assumption is, These Companies will not allow their visitors to leave their site.

    in the future, they will stop this if they are not getting mobile visitors.

    Now Facebook Timeline Promotes Instant Article Enabled Pages to Show their Posts.

    Other Page Posts do not Appear on Followers Time Line.

    I Hope, You can Understand these things.

    Whatever, I wish to say… AMP is Not gonna die soon…

    At least, it will be live for the next 5 Years…


    Kindly FIX THIS ( Don’t Hide )

    Truly FIX This,

    Learn More from AMP Project Website.

    I’m NOT A Developer or Coder…

    I Have limitation to Identify things.

    I spend a lot of time to learn some minor things.

    But, Don’t need to spend a lot of time like me…

    You are a Developer, So you Can Understand Things easily.

    Kindly Spend some time, check those things I said,

    Also, Check Their sites.

    and Make a Best Plugin for GP

    Name it ” AMP for GP ”



    We’re also interested in full AMP support with GP. We’re looking to switch out one of our sites’ theme to GP but that site already has AMP support and we’d need to keep that up or our site’s rank would diminish. Any ETA on when the AMP for GP plugin will be completed and will be available for download through WordPress?

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Hi Colin,

    I’m hoping to get it fully released in January.

    For now, it works quite nicely except for the SVG support ๐Ÿ™‚

    Sibi Paul

    I was not used GP for a While,

    So Can You please send me details about, What is SVG in GP?

    As per your last post, AMP is Fully working with AMP?

    without Any Warnings or Without Create Error in JS Files and All…?

    if You can send me a Test Plugin before you release publically, I can check and let you know…



    Hello Tom,
    i am investigating around the Internet about AMP + Generatepress. I am seeing that it is a problem for many people. Doing this research i found your AMP Generatepress plugin, i instal it and the AMP oficial plugin.

    Your plugin work to avoid the invalids URLs, but in the Index Errors section of the AMP plugin appear 3 errors:

    Script no vรกlido: a11y.min.js
    Script no vรกlido: menu.min.js
    Script integrado no vรกlido

    The only solution is select one by one thoses and eliminate the codes.

    This is the “correct” use of the plugin Generatepress AMP? This 3 errores in the invalids URLs section is ok? I have to take an action? Maybe a steps explication will be great to do the right think about AMP and Generatepress.

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Those scripts shouldn’t be enqueued if using that plugin along with the official AMP plugin: https://github.com/tomusborne/amp-for-generatepress/blob/master/amp-for-generatepress.php#L32-L33


    Hello Tom, i implement AMP on a live website and have some problems, now i deactivate it because one AMP test have a PASS result, but the other test tool don’t PASS.

    https://search.google.com/test/amp (no pass)
    https://validator.ampproject.org/# (pass)

    Now i test it again in a demo page for a better debug.

    One problem that i see is that the menu don work well.
    In this web, if you have the official AMP plugin + AMP for GP activated the MENU “with click menu, then the menu don’t “work” well, this work like an “on hold” menu.


    Sibi Paul

    You can try this plugin for AMP.

    This One has many features and solved many problems…

    Plugin Name ” AMP for WP “


    Sibil, like I said “if you have the official AMP plugin + AMP for GP” I already have that plugin.

    Sibi Paul

    Yes, I also tried that combination…

    Later I changed my Mind…

    First, try this

    1 – Disable Official AMP + AMP for GP ( why you need Two Plugin for One function ? )

    2 – Clear Cache and all…

    3 – Try AMP for WP Plugin… ( One Plugin does All JOB )

    NB: if there is no Errors Showing, Then Continue using that.

    if you spend some time to learn the Settings, That’ll be good…

    I was trying to Implement AMP for a very long time… You can find my Posts in This Forum and some other forums…

    Finally, my search ends… now I don’t have any problems with AMP…

    NB: I’m using that plugin for my News Website with News Paper Theme. ( AMP for WP Free Version )

    I don’t need Any AMP Plugin for Generatepress – GP is Fast enough ๐Ÿ™‚

    Leave the Traditional ways, Try something new… ๐Ÿ™‚

    if you’ve chosen GP, There is a Reason… Light and Fast…

    Then, why you are putting Garbages inside?

    Avoid Maximum Plugins as much as you can…

    That I have done for many of my sites…

    if I have a Micro niche, I choose GP.

    if my site is Heavy, like News or Magazine, Quiz etc…

    I choose, News Paper like Themes…

    GP is Good for All… You have to find more and more plugins for each addon function…

    It depends according to Your site niche and traffic…

    if you are building a News Website with GP… you’ve to Install many plugins of various developers…

    there are many things…

    GP is a Standalone Theme from all these. it’s Clean and Nice…

    Keep it as clean as much as you can… ๐Ÿ™‚

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