GP 1.1.0

= (7/31/2014) - 1.1.0 =

* Added generate_main_class to <main> container to allow adding of classes
* Removed extra empty CSS file - using is_child_theme instead
* Cleaned up some CSS
* Move navigation below header on mobile devices if originally in a sidebar
* German translation added
* GENERATE_DISABLE_MOBILE constant added to remove mobile responsive functionality
* Added wrapper surrounding site logo
* Added focus and active attributes to link color on hover
* Header widget set to a max-width of 50% of the header
* Couple mobile tweaks - center header and menu toggle
* Subtle CSS transition added to links
* Bundled skip-link-focus.fix.js with scripts.js to cut down on http requests
* generate_inside_navigation hook added
* Moved $content_width inside after_setup_theme action
* Fixed bug causing single post specific sidebar layouts not to work
* Filters added to sidebar widths for easy alteration

GP 1.0.9

= (7/9/2014) - 1.0.9 =

* .pot file added for translation
* Compatibility added for Generate Spacing addon
* Option for a 5th footer widget
* File cleanup
* Customize.php generated CSS moved above enqueued child theme css
* Changes made to better sane defaults

GP 1.0.8

= (6/18/2014) - 1.0.8 =

* Sanitization for all Customizer options
* Allow transparent header background
* Hide title, hide tagline and logo options moved into generate_settings db entry
* Fix bug regarding deleting options in GeneratePress options page
* Screenshot updated

GP 1.0.5

= (5/23/2014) - 1.0.5 =

* Theme defaults changed from global variable to function: generate_get_defaults()
* Addons file added to add default styles and fonts when addons aren't installed
* Added instruction on how to save and activate addon license keys
* Featured image removed from attachment template
* Remove page header container if no page header is set (removes unnecessary gap)