1.2.5 Released

This update has the following changes:

[+] = Added
[*] = Changed
[^] = Moved
[=] = No Changes
[x] = Deleted
[!] = Bugs

[*] Mobile menu dropdowns now require arrow click to expand
[+] Close icon added to mobile menu when opened
[+] Add search title to navigation search
[+] Finnish translation started (thanks, Olli!)
[+] content-link.php added for "Link" post format
[*] Title removed from blog posts with "Status" post format
[*] Footer entry meta packed into one clean function
[+] New filter add to logo href: generate_logo_href
[*] Comment avatar container removed
[+] Hooks added to no-results.php template
[+] generate_after_entry_content hook added
[+] generate_before_archive_title hook added to archive.php
[+] generate_after_archive_title hook added to archive.php
[+] generate_after_archive_description hook added to archive.php
[*] German translation updated (thanks Rudi!)
[*] Change version of child theme stylesheet when changed
[!] Show post images on all custom post types
[+] Add theme support for the <title> tag
[+] Polish translation added (thanks Wojciech!)
[*] Author avatar increased in size

Files changed:


Files added:


GP 1.2.0

= (10/14/2014) - 1.2.0 =

* Fix bug that takes footer widget setting from latest post and applies to the blog
* Tweaks made to .alignleft and .alignright on mobile
* Include FontAwesome in theme instead of CDN
* Add sanitization for typography options
* Change separator spacing from padding to margin
* Added French translation
* Added filters for widget titles: generate_start_widget_title and generate_end_widget_title
* When navigation search is clicked, move close icon to far right if navigation is centered
* Classes added to <body> for header and navigation alignment
* Cleaned up some code
* Added hook after starting <main> tag and before closing </main> tag
* Allow sidebar and footer widget metabox on all post types
* New Hook: generate_paging_navigation
* Change navigation search from line-height to height to fix Chrome issue
* Header/Logo upload uses Media Library

GP 1.1.8

= (9/20/2014) - 1.1.8 =

* Remove login from footer
* Fix mobile bug with alignleft and alignright classes
* Make Google Fonts call more robust
* Tweak made to navigation search bar
* Add BuddyPress compatibility
* Translation files updated
* Addon constants added for ease of translating

GP 1.1.4

= (9/6/2014) - 1.1.4 =

* Language .pot files updated
* Some default styling modified
* Improved wp_nav_menu compatibility
* Adjustments made to sub-navigation font size
* Fixed broken link to caption background
* Fixed warning when using One Container content layout
* Open Sans is now the default font
* Body font options added to Customizer
* Fix issue with MailPoet success message disappearing
* New blog post pagination introduced (numbered)
* Fix jumping with navigation arrows on load
* Add ability to add search bar to navigation
* Fix bug where footer widgets won't show on forums
* Mobile icon added to mobile Menu button