GP Premium 1.2.78

GP Premium 1.2.78 has been released with a lot of fixes and improvements.

If you have a caching plugin enabled, please flush your cache once you update.

Here’s a complete list of what changed:

(12/21/2015) – 1.2.78

  • Backgrounds: Fix bug where navigation background image was showing in sub-navigation as well
  • Backgrounds: Optimize CSS
  • Colors: Optimize CSS
  • Secondary Nav: Remove unnecessary CSS from <head>
  • Spacing: Optimize CSS
  • Typography: Optimize CSS
  • Menu Plus: Fix slideout menu glitch when menu item has # as URL
  • Menu Plus: Improve sticky functionality and display
  • Menu Plus: Update sticky menu width when navigation is container and layout is updated
  • Menu Plus: Improve slideout menu transition
  • Blog: Add filter to add post types for the masonry width metabox: generate_blog_masonry_metabox
  • Blog: Add option to set posts as equal height columns
  • Blog: Update masonry when layout is changed in Customizer
  • Blog: Add safeguard in case people type Auto in post image sizes
  • Sections: Add support for password protected pages and Sections
  • Spacing: Remove widget padding if one container is set
  • Spacing: Right and left content padding now affects content area when One Container is set
  • Page Header: Fix proportional resizing
  • Updater functionality improved

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