GP 1.3.22 & 1.3.23

Update: 1.3.23 has been uploaded with a slight modification.

  • Match dropdown open and close delay

GeneratePress 1.3.23 has been uploaded to

This is a pretty major update which focuses mainly on efficiency and speed.

All major javascript files have been completely re-written.

Superfish menu  and hoverIntent have been replaced with small, custom scripts.

CSS and JS have all been minified for better load times.

If you’re using a caching plugin, please flush the cache after updating.

You can download the update here.

Here’s the full list of what changed:

  • Add new filter: generate_comment_avatar_size
  • Add fixed width to navigation search icon when no menu is set
  • Chinese Simplified translation added (thank you Kerry!)
  • Turkish translation updated (thank you Larry!)
  • Remove “About” from the top of author pages
  • Add generate_category_post_navigation filter to force post navigation to be category specific
  • Improve WooCommerce compatibility by using hooks instead of woocommerce.php template
  • Removed superfish menu script
  • Removed hoverintent menu script
  • Re-write navigation dropdown menu script and minify it
  • Re-write navigation.js and minify it
  • Re-write navigation-search.js and minify it
  • Rename generate_contruct_sidebars to generate_construct_sidebars
  • Tighten up padding when one container is set as your content layout
  • Add live update to link color and link color hover in Customizer
  • Remove widget padding if one container is set
  • Minify mobile.css
  • Improve logic dealing with widget padding when one container is set
  • Add generatepress class to <body>

2 thoughts on “GP 1.3.22 & 1.3.23”

    • Minify plugins typically combined all files into one, which this update doesn’t do. This update just removes all of the extra spacing from the files to reduce the file size.


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