GP 1.3.24

GeneratePress 1.3.24 is a big update with some awesome new features.

To download the update, click here.

To see which files were changed, click here.

Dropdown Type

The most notable is the ability to change the navigation dropdown type.

Up until now, the only way to activate a navigation dropdown was to hover over the parent item.

You now have two other options found in “Customize > Layout”: Click – Menu Item and Click – Arrow

“Click – Menu Item” makes it so you can click the entire menu item to activate and deactivate the dropdown menu.

“Click – Arrow” makes it so you have to click the arrow to activate and deactivate the dropdown menu.

Of course, “Hover” is still default.

New Dropdown Arrows

Our old dropdown arrows have been replaced with the angle-down Font Awesome icon.

If you’d like the old ones back, or want to switch to a different Font Awesome icon, just ask me in the forum and I’ll give you some CSS.

Back to Top Button

Another new feature in 1.3.24 is the back to top button found in “Customize > Layout” – it’s a simple feature, but one that a lot of people have expressed interest in.

Container Width and Typography Controls

You can now specify a pixel value for your container width and typography controls instead of being stuck with using the slider. This helps if you have a specific value and don’t want to use the slider to find it, or if you want to choose something outside the confines of the slider.


Here’s a complete list of what’s changed.

  • Add fixed width class to menu fallback search icon
  • Add subtle fade back to slide down drop menu
  • Clean up some CSS in style.css
  • Add container width input field in addition to slider for more control
  • New Feature: Click menu item to open dropdown
  • New Feature: Click arrow to open dropdown
  • Change navigation dropdown arrow to Font Awesome icon
  • Change “Header Layout” option name to “Header Width”
  • Change “Navigation Layout” option name to “Navigation Width”
  • Change “Footer Layout” option name to “Footer Width”
  • Improve handling
  • New Feature: Add Back to Top button option
  • New filter: generate_back_to_top_icon
  • New filter: generate_back_to_top_scroll_speed
  • New filter: generate_back_to_top_start_scroll
  • Move archive title to template-tags.php and attach it to archive.php with hook
  • Add ability to use your keyboard tab key to move through navigation items/dropdown menus
  • Make WooCommerce responsive
  • Reduce copyright text font size to 15px

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