GP Premium 1.7.3

While most of the changes in this update are bug fixes, we did add a feature. We opted to include this feature sooner than later to avoid any future issues.

Multiple Layout Elements per Condition

You’ll now be able to apply multiple Layout Elements to the same condition without conflict. 

Previously, if a Layout Element was applied to a condition (All Pages for example), any other Layout Elements applied to pages would be ignored.

As an example, say we create two Layout Elements. The first one is set to the Entire Site and removes the content title.

The second one only applies to pages, and sets the content to full width.

Previously, that second layout wouldn’t apply, as the first one was already set to the Entire Site.

Now, both Layout Elements will apply.

Full Changelog

  • Blog: Allow masonry to be turned off using a boolean filter
  • Blog: Fix load more button appearing when not needed
  • Blog: Prevent content width option from applying to columns
  • Elements: Fix empty object fields when Post Archive is set
  • Elements: Allow slashes in custom hook field
  • Elements: Allow multiple layout elements per condition
  • Elements: Allow 0 value in mobile padding options
  • Elements: Prevent PHP notice if $post isn’t an object
  • Gutenberg: Add initial support for live preview spacing of Gutenberg blocks
  • Menu Plus: Add menu-item-align-right class to slideout toggle
  • Menu Plus: Fix JS error in slideout navigation when no menu is set
  • Sites: Fix image shadow on hover
  • Sites: Add message when no plugins are needed
  • Sites: Update custom link URL in menu items
  • Sites: Prevent PHP warning in PHP 7.3
  • Sites: Add generate_sites_ignore_plugins filter
  • Sites: Fix WooCommerce setup wizard conflict with Site Library
  • Sites: Fix PHP notices during WooCommerce setup wizard
  • Typography: Add support for H1-H3 bottom margin options
  • WooCommerce: Add menu-item-align-right class to cart menu item
  • WooCommerce: Fix multi column product spacing on mobile

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