GP Premium 1.4

GP Premium 1.4 has been released.

This is a pretty major update, mainly surrounding the Page Header add-on.

Page Header

Page Header has been completely rebuilt - from the code to the usability.

Here's some new documentation articles for the new Page Header add-on:

Check out this quick video showcasing the changes:

Font Variants

GPP 1.4 also includes a new variants field for your Google fonts. This allows you to choose exactly which variants are loaded for each font you choose.

If you'd like to learn more about this feature, check out the documentation here.


This update also includes lots of other changes, fixes and tweaks.


  • Page Header: Improve inner container
  • Page Header: Allow contained page header even when position:absolute is set
  • Page Header: Apply page header text color to headings in page header
  • WooCommerce: Fix mobile columns issue


  • Page Header: Fix error in Customizer when using PHP version < 5.5


  • Colors: Add back to top button color options
  • Colors: Add h4-h5 color options
  • Colors: Move button color options into own Buttons section
  • Hooks: Show PHP execution message to admins only
  • Menu Plus: Improve disabling of native mobile menu when slide-out is set
  • Menu Plus: Fix sticky mobile menu when navigation is in sidebar
  • Menu Plus: Fix invisible navigation when slide sticky is shown/hidden quickly
  • Page Header: Complete code re-write
  • Page Header: Turn Page Headers into a custom post type (CPT)
  • Page Header: Can be applied per page, or globally (pages, posts, categories, CPTs etc..)
  • Page Header: Template tags can be used in Page Header content (page title, author, date)
  • Page Header: Turn bg color options in RGBA picker
  • Page Header: New use bg color as image overlay option
  • Page Header: Re-write parallax feature
  • Page Header: Migrate Blog Page Header in Customizer into a CPT post on update
  • Page Header: Add "Inner Container" width option.
  • Page Header: Add menu background color (instead of forcing transparent)
  • Page Header: Show content options all the time
  • Page Header: Force full width page header if merge is set
  • Page Header: Use set default color palettes in color pickers
  • Page Header: New left/right padding option
  • Sections: Make background color rgba color picker
  • Sections: Add background color overlay options
  • Sections: Use set default color palettes in color pickers
  • Sections: Fix dropdown z-index bug introduced in WP 4.8.1
  • Typography: Add H1-H3 line-height options
  • Typography: Add H4-H5 typography options
  • Typography: Add footer/copyright area typography options
  • Typography: Add button typography options
  • Typography: Rename Content Customizer section to Headings
  • Typography: Add widget title separating space option
  • Typography: Make fonts in Customizer search-able
  • Typography: Allow Google Font variants to be added/removed
  • WooCommerce: Fix columns issue on some pages
  • WooCommerce: Fix mobile columns when using shortcode
  • WooCommerce: Fix extra spacing in empty cart menu item
  • WooCommerce: Show Cart text if no icon
  • WooCommerce: Make cart menu item filterable
  • WooCommerce: Fix sales badge height in IE11

16 thoughts on “GP Premium 1.4

  1. This update is just giving me more reasons to join GeneratePress Premium community, especially the page header, I think I would love it.

    Thank you Tom.

  2. Awesome work, Tom!

    On one hand I love that the existing page headers aren't touched after the upgrade -- but, what if we want to convert pages over to the new format...How would we do that? Are we stuck with the "old" way for existing pages and then must use the "new" way on new pages that are added? I don't see a page header dropdown on my existing pages.

    • You can simply create a new Page Header for that page, then remove the settings from the on-page meta box. Once it senses that there's no settings in the meta box, it will display the dropdown instead.

      Glad you like it!

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