GP Premium 1.3.1

GP Premium 1.3.1 was just released.

This release fixes a couple small bugs introduced in 1.3, improves the WooCommerce add-on and includes a new sticky navigation feature.

You can now hide the sticky navigation only while scrolling down, so it will appear as you begin to scroll back up to the top of the site. This option also applies to the mobile header, so you can save screen space on mobile unless the user is scrolling up.

Here’s the full changelog:

  • Hooks: Add notice to disable PHP execution if DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT is defined
  • Menu Plus: Fix RTL spacing in slide-out menu
  • Menu Plus: Fix bug where sticky nav was interfering with mobile header
  • Menu Plus: Merge all sticky nav transitions into one script
  • Menu Plus: Re-write fade and slide sticky navigation transitions
  • Menu Plus: Add new option to hide sticky navigation while scrolling down
  • WooCommerce: Add padding to terms on checkout
  • WooCommerce: Make shop page options work when shop is set to category display
  • WooCommerce: Style mark element
  • WooCommerce: Remove border/padding from checkout fields
  • WooCommerce: Remove color from my account arrows
  • WooCommerce: Adjust ship to address padding
  • WooCommerce: Fix ul elements when WC image is floating
  • WooCommerce: Fix pagination clearing issue
  • WooCommerce: Add pt_BR translation
  • WooCommerce: Fix spacing issue with menu item cart icon and certain fonts
  • Fix double forward slashes in some script calls inside Customizer
  • Add WPML config file

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  1. So, when I see that message: DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT is defined. You should also disallow PHP execution in GP Hooks what should I do?


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