GP Premium 1.3

GP Premium 1.3 has been released.

This is a feature release, mainly focusing around our newest WooCommerce add-on!


With the release of our new WooCommerce add-on, we have much more control over our WooCommerce layouts, colors and typography.

The new layout features include:


  • Display cart in menu
  • Display breadcrumbs


  • Sidebar layout
  • Product columns (mobile and desktop)
  • Image alignment
  • Products per page
  • Text alignment
  • Display page title
  • Display product results count
  • Display product sorting
  • Display product image
  • Display secondary image on hover
  • Display product title
  • Display sales flash
  • Sales flash over image
  • Display rating
  • Display price
  • Display add to cart button
  • Display short description

Single product

  • Sidebar layout
  • Display product tabs
  • Display related products
  • Display upsell products
  • Related/upsell columns
  • Display product meta data
  • Display short description


  • Distraction-free mode


  • Product title + hover
  • Alternate button background + hover
  • Alternate button text + hover
  • Star ratings
  • Sale sticker background + text
  • Price
  • Product tab text + active
  • Success message background + text
  • Info message background + text
  • Error message background + text


  • Product title weight, transform and font size
  • Related/upsell title font size

Mobile Controls

Mobile controls have a new UI, and more have been added.

New mobile controls include the menu item width, menu item height and primary menu item text.

Sticky Navigation

You can now control the height of your sticky navigation, meaning there can be a smooth transition from your taller (or shorter) menu when it transitions from static to stuck.

The “No transition” sticky navigation has also been re-written to increase performance and make it more flexible for future features.

Slide-out Navigation

Your slide-out menu items also have a new option to control their height, allowing you to make it different from your regular menu item height.

Full changelog

= 1.3 =

  • Backgrounds: Fix big with 100% auto sizing option
  • Colors: Add WooCommerce add-on colors
  • Import/Export: Add WooCommerce add-on
  • Menu Plus: Improve Navigation Logo sizing
  • Menu Plus: Re-write no transition sticky navigation
  • Secondary Nav: Add padding to sides of top bar when merged
  • Secondary Nav: Only load resources if the Secondary theme location is set
  • Sections: Fix mix up of left/right content padding
  • Spacing: New mobile menu item width/height options
  • Spacing: New sticky menu item height option
  • Spacing: New slide-out menu item height option
  • Typography: New mobile menu item font size option
  • WooCommerce: Introducing new WooCommerce add-on
  • Move all Customizer controls and helper functions into globally accessible library
  • Rebuilt range slider control to include responsive icons which display responsive controls
  • Rebuilt typography control reducing number of controls from 50 to 10 (performance)
  • Updated the automatic updater function
  • Add filter to enable beta updates: generate_premium_beta_tester

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  1. Awesome add-on for WooCommerce !!! I’m going to prepare my next template for WooCommerce with your theme. Good job!!


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