GP 1.3.45 & 1.3.46

Update: 1.3.46 released to fix a small bug introduced in 1.3.45.

GeneratePress 1.3.45 has been released.

This version introduces the new Top Bar widget area.

Be sure to update GP Premium so you can all of the options for the Top Bar including Colors, Typography etc..

This version also improves compatibility with Beaver Builder, as well as adding a “Contained” option to the Page Builder Container meta box (formerly Page Builder Integration).

Here’s the full changelog:

  • New: generate_post_date_output filter
  • New: generate_post_author_output filter
  • New: generate_category_list_output filter
  • New: generate_tag_list_output filter
  • New: generate_excerpt_more_output filter
  • New: generate_content_more_link_output filter
  • New: generate_featured_image_output filter
  • New: generate_navigation_search_output filter
  • New: generate_logo_output filter
  • New: generate_site_title_output filter
  • New: generate_site_description_output filter
  • New: generate_site_branding_output filter
  • New: generate_back_to_top_output filter
  • New: Top bar widget area
  • New: Contained option to Page Builder Container meta box
  • Fix: Force menu-item-float-right to display inline on mobile
  • Fix: Remove horizontal footer widget separator on mobile
  • Fix: Single spacing options can now save as 0px
  • Fix: Prevent slight mobile menu icon jump when toggling between closed and open
  • Fix: Fix issues in mobile menu using RTL languages
  • Tweak: Remove unecessary footer widget grid CSS
  • Tweak: Include WooCommerce CSS only if plugin is active
  • Tweak: Include bbPress CSS only if plugin is active
  • Tweak: Only load old Beaver Builder CSS in old pages
  • Tweak: Clean up CSS
  • Tweak: Use the_title_attribute() function where necessary
  • Tweak: Hide footer bar widget titles
  • Tweak: Improve performance of slider options in the Customizer
  • Tweak: Rename Page Builder Integration meta box to Page Builder Container
  • Tweak: Apply CSS transitions to colors and backgrounds only
  • Tweak: Add media query capability to CSS class
  • Tweak: Optimize JS throughout theme
  • Tweak: Move defaults into style.css and remove defaults.css
  • Tweak: Global labels in Sidebar Layout and Footer Widgets meta box changed to: Default
  • Tweak: Replace custom archive title function with core the_archive_title() function
  • Tweak: Deprecate generate_paging_nav()
  • Tweak: Use the_posts_pagination() function
  • Tweak: Update list of available Google Fonts
  • Tweak: General code cleanup and WordPress coding standards improvements
  • Tweak: Close mobile menu on item click


(3/15/2017) – 1.3.46

  • Fix: PHP notice when publishing pages

2 thoughts on “GP 1.3.45 & 1.3.46”

  1. Hi Tom,

    I have 1.3.46. I have a problem with my pages floating around on mobile devices (on both my iPhone and my android fire tablet). All the pages will scroll past the top and show a gray background, same for the bottom. They bounce back but still not sure why you can scroll past the top and bottom.

    Also on my front page, I can move the page sideways on the screen, too, showing a gray background. That particular page is made with sections. It also has a meta slider in the top section. I’m not sure which of those might make a difference.

    Do any of these updates do anything for this? Or any other advice you might give to make the pages stay in place?

    Does this update fix that? Or am I already updated to it since my version is 1.3.46? Would updating to 1.4 premium fix this? (I have premium.)

    Betsy Clarke


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