GP Premium 1.2.90

GP Premium 1.2.90 has officially been released.

This is the biggest update GP Premium has ever had, and is the result of months of hard work and testing.

This update has been tested by numerous volunteers – thank you so much to everyone who helped me make sure everything is working well!

New Sections

The biggest change is with the Sections add-on. It has been completely re-built from the ground up, and in my opinion is much better looking and more efficient.


Typography also underwent a massive change. The Customizer now shows the top 200 most popular Google Fonts. You can adjust this number, or include fonts are aren’t included using this guide.

Also, previously your website had to loop through the 800+ fonts on every page load just to grab the font category and variants. Now, the category and variants are saved to your database, so there’s no need to loop through all of those fonts every time you load a page. This is a big boost to performance that I’m super happy with.


Here’s the full list of changes made:

= 1.2.90 =

  • Prevent direct access to all files
  • All Czech translations updated (thanks Ondrej!)
  • Copyright: Improve Customizer experience
  • Sections: Completely re-designed and re-built Sections
  • Sections: Section content is now saved into your default editor on update/save. This prevents theme-lock, meaning your content will still exist even if you remove Sections.
  • Sections: Send to default editor button removed as the before removes the need for it
  • Sections: Add bottom & top padding unit option (px or %)
  • Page Header: Add generate_page_header_video_loop filter to disable looping of the page header video
  • Page Header: Add option to remove the page header from single posts
  • Page Header: Make number only inputs only accepts numbers
  • Page Header: Force page header above the content if merged option is set
  • Page Header: Disable automatic check for background video posters if no image is set
  • Page Header: Use featured image as background image if no page header image is set
  • Spacing: Remove duplicate menu item height CSS
  • Spacing: Make inputs number only
  • Spacing: All options are now instant preview
  • Blog: Make post image sizes and excerpt length inputs number only
  • Blog: Force full width masonry items on mobile
  • Blog: Show Blog panel even when we’re not viewing the blog in the Customizer
  • Menu Plus: Reduce space between menu toggle and search icon on mobile with menu logo enabled
  • Menu Plus: Show navigation logo option and navigation logo position option even if sticky navigation isn’t enabled
  • Menu Plus: Optimize javascript and put it all in files instead of in wp_footer
  • Menu Plus: Allow navigation logo to show in sidebar navigation causing a sidebar logo effect
  • Menu Plus: Float mobile header to the right on RTL installations
  • Typography: Add new filter: generate_typography_variants
  • Typography: Make font size, weight and decoration instant preview
  • Typography: Only show top 200 popular Google Fonts in Customizer (increases Customizer performance)
  • Typography: generate_number_of_fonts filter added so you can choose how many fonts to include in the Customizer list
  • Typography: Remove 2 database queries
  • Typography: Add Segoe UI font to default list
  • Typography: Revamp how Google fonts get their category and variants (increase front end performance)
  • Colors: Make all colors instant preview
  • Secondary Navigation: Colors are now instant preview
  • Secondary Navigation: Typography font weight, transform and size are now instant preview
  • Secondary Navigation: Layout options are now instant preview
  • Hooks: Disable spell check in hook textareas
  • Hooks: Fix floating box issue on RTL installations
  • Backgrounds: Use default WordPress image uploader customizer control
  • Customizer: All Customizer controls are now rendered in javascript/json – big +1 for performance

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  1. Every time I see an update to GP Premium with so many improvements I am reminded that I made an excellent deal in buying this plugin. Thank you very much for your work Tom!


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