GP Premium 1.2.73

GP Premium 1.2.73 has been released today.

It’s a pretty big update, with updates to all of our add-ons.

This update has been tested over and over again on all versions of PHP, but as with all big updates, you should backup your database before updating.

Here’s the complete list of changes:

  • Blog: Allow post image cropping to have proportional width based on height
  • Blog: Hiding the date, author, categories, tags and comments link fully removes them (requires GP 1.3.18)
  • Typography: Add font size controller for footer/copyright
  • Page Header: Fix full screen issue when refreshing half way down the screen
  • Colors: Fix missing placeholder text in Edge browser
  • Colors: Adjust mobile search item selector
  • Menu Plus: Change “hamburger” icon to close icon on slideout menu open
  • Menu Plus: Fix bug where mobile only sticky menu was appear on desktop when set to fade
  • Menu Plus: Fix background image issue when slideout menu is enabled
  • Menu Plus: Add classes to <body> element for site logo in navigation/sticky navigation
  • Menu Plus: Add styling for mobile search item
  • Menu Plus: Replace slideout menu script with a more lightweight, efficient one
  • Disable Elements: Disabling the headline/title fully removes it from the code (requires GP 1.3.18)
  • Spacing: Add styling for mobile search item
  • Backgrounds: Update updater script
  • Blog: Update updater script
  • Colors: Update updater script
  • Copyright: Update updater script
  • Disable Elements: Update updater script
  • Spacing: Update updater script
  • Hooks: Update updater script
  • Menu Plus: Update updater script
  • Import/Export: Update updater script
  • Page Header: Update updater script
  • Secondary Nav: Update updater script
  • Sections: Update updater script
  • Typography: Update updater script

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