GP 1.3.18

GP 1.3.18 has just been uploaded to

This update has some pretty cool updates and additions, so be sure to clear any caching plugins you may have activated, and clear your browser cache.

Download the update here.

Here’s what changed:

  • Fix donate text
  • Update all translations
  • Added to Russian translation
  • Adjust IE10 specific CSS for responsive features
  • Move mobile search button out of <button> to comply with HTML5
  • Fix bug where mobile search button wasn’t working in Firefox
  • Add new filter: generate_post_date – allows for post date to be removed
  • Add new filter: generate_post_author – allows for post author to be removed
  • Add new filter: generate_show_categories – allows for post categories to be removed
  • Add new filter: generate_show_tags – allows for post tags to be removed
  • Add new filter: generate_show_comments – allows for the comments link to be removed
  • Remove wp_title() function to avoid warning in WP 4.4 – please make sure you’re updated
  • Add primary-menu ID to the primary menu for accessibility reasons
  • Add new function/filter: generate_show_title – allows you to fully remove the title
  • Add metabox to disable the content title on specific pages
  • Add class to read more link container

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