GP 1.3.38

There’s been a few updates today. 1.3.35 had a few small bugs which were fixed and released within a couple hours.

Here are the changes:


  • New hook: generate_before_logo
  • New hook: generate_after_logo
  • Fix some grid issues when browser is zoomed in
  • Remove metaboxes from attachment post type
  • Tighten up footer widget spacing on tablet and mobile
  • Remove padding from full width content pages
  • Add triggers to hide/show GP metaboxes
  • Make back to top button accessible to screen readers
  • Use get_bloginfo instead of bloginfo for the site tagline
  • Remove duplicate CSS for menu item height when navigation is floating right
  • Move mobile menu below site logo/title when navigation is floating left or right
  • Make navigation search button accessible to screen readers
  • Remove generate-upload-control.js


  • Fix grid issue if users aren’t using mobile-grid-* classes


  • Fix warning in “Appearance > GeneratePress”


  • Fix issue with right floating navigation and .site-branding element

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