GP 1.3.32

This version of GeneratePress should be used with GP Premium 1.2.87.

We’ve completely re-organized the Customizer to make it more streamlined and easy to use.

This version also offers full RTL language support.

A new metabox has been added called “Page Builder Integration” which allows you to set the page or post to have full width content, which will make using Page Builders to create full width sections much easier.

Here’s a full list of what’s changed:

  • Enqueue HTML5 shiv and IE8 stylesheet using wp_enqueue_* functions
  • Fix .container class clash with bootstrap
  • Re-organize Layout section in the Customizer
  • Fix cropping issue with the site logo
  • Add Page Header Integration metabox with full width content option
  • Add RTL language support
  • Add selective refresh to widgets
  • Fix footer widget layout issue if heights are different on tablets
  • Add title tag to read more link

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