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    I am looking for getting a page builder and I am between Elementor and Generateblocks, I understand that generateblocks is created by you and I would like to know if there is anything different with elementor? Can I do same things as elementor? Can I create tables and change border colors, hero pages, do sections on page, etc?



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    Hi there,


    Can I do same things as elementor? Can I create tables and change border colors, hero pages, do sections on page, etc?


    GB has no Javascsript or static style sheets – it only outputs the HTML and CSS it requires for each page so its super lightweight. It doesn’t have any of the bells and whistle widgets that Elementor does – but you can build almost anything you want with it.

    And with GPP 2.0 currently in Alpha you can build dynamic content using the Block Element. Such as dynamic Post Hero or your own custom archive post cards:


    So if your comfortable with building your own content in the Block Editor then GB is a great option.


    Hello David,

    Thanks a lot for the reply, so basically GeneratePress + GenerateBlocks is the best way to go, specially if you are concern with pagespeed on website. But, I see on generateblocks page that pro version offers over 150 templates of premade websites, is there a way to see the site library like happens with generate press theme site?

    Anything else I need to be aware that elementor offers that generate blocks do not offer?

    Thanks again,


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    You can see all the current GB templates here:


    Elementor Free doesn’t offer a lot more then GB does – the main difference is that Elementor has specific widgets for a specific uses. Whereas GB content is all built using the 4 blocks it provides.

    Elementor Pro offers a much larger selection of widgets including forms, post lists etc. All of which you would need a 3rd party plugin to replace in the GB.


    Just following on from this exchange. I too have recently changed my theme to GeneratePress Pro and have the GenerateBlock plugin installed. What I don’t seem to have is the same page builder that I see when I’ve reviewed a few different YouTube tutorials i.e. containers, grids, sidebar etc. Do I need to install anything else or am I missing something altogether?

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    Hi Jason,

    Container Blocks and Grid blocks are found within the WordPress’ default Gutenberg editor block list panel when you edit any page or posts.

    GenerateBlocks is not theme or plugin dependent. It only need the Gutenberg editor for you to be able to use it.

    A wise man once said:
    "Have you cleared your cache?"


    Thanks Elvin.

    I’ve cleared the cache so all good there.

    I’ve activated the Gutenberg plugin so is this the only plugin I need?

    When I try to add a new page I am only getting the standard WordPress page editor so not the Gutenberg or block type builder that I have seen in various tutorials that I have looked at.

    Not sure where I am going wrong really. I’m in essence looking to build a static page to use as my sites landing page.


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    Hi Jason,

    you DO NOT NEED this:


    Its an experimental feature plugin for developers to test upcoming releases of the WP editor.

    The Block editor should be there by default in WP 5 or later …. unless you have a plugin such as Classic Editor or Disable Gutenberg installed.


    Brilliant. I had Classic Editor installed and had been using that for a few months to build posts / pages so I’ve deactivated it and I’m good to go.

    Thanks very much.

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    Sara – I have one website and I’m not a website developer. I HIGHLY suggest you give GenerateBlocks a try. Last month I switched from Elementor to GenerateBlocks and I’m so glad I did. Website is way faster, and looks much better than it did before.

    I went from sub 80 scores on Google Page Speed (mobile) to 95-100. In fact sometimes with Elementor I’d score in the 40’s, and then sometimes in the 70’s…it was all over the place. Since going with GB I’m consistently between 95-100.

    Take the time to watch some of the demo’s and give yourself some time to learn the GB system of building a page. It took me less than a week to get fully comfortable with it (almost the same time it took me to learn Elementor).

    And I’m not geting compensated to post this 🙂 Just a happy customer!


    One other thing; since the site is so much lighter now (elementor is really bloated) I’m able to do SO much more in terms of images etc. Elementor has a lot more preset things you can do but if you do too many your page gets super bloated and slow.

    With GB you can do a lot of that stuff and the page will still be super fast compared to a similar setup with elementor.

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Thanks so much for the feedback, Kevin! Great to hear that you’re enjoying GenerateBlocks 🙂



    I am also new to Generatepress Premium and I am considering Generateblocks too.

    The templates that you linked to here: https://library.generateblocks.com/

    Can I use them as I build my own site, or do I need to create my own ? It might be silly question, but I just want to be sure.


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    You will need GenerateBlocks Pro in order to use the template library:

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