[Resolved] What do you think is the best page builder for GP?

Home Forums Support [Resolved] What do you think is the best page builder for GP?

Home Forums Support What do you think is the best page builder for GP?

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    Hi there,

    Additionally, can gutenberg accomplish whatever can be done in other page builders?

    Yes, if you consider most Page Builders are simply ‘bundling’ what could be achieved by separate plugins ( forms, sliders etc. ) in to one UI – there isn’t anything you can’t achieve when using the core block editor. The only ‘pain’ point may be the various plugins having individual setting and styling controls. The plus point is you can pick and choose what you need to keep things lightweight.

    Finally, if a person decides to go for a no-pagebuilder route, what would be the best tools and practices for rapid development on generatepress?

    We’re of course a little biased and would recommend the following:

    You can use it for any of your layouts as well as combining them to make any type of element.

    For displaying post lists on static pages. It will be updated to the Block Editor in the future.

    Benefits of using GenerateBlocks is the integration with GPP 2.0:


    The dynamic data options and conditional display rules will accelerate development times. You may want to check out some of the latest YT videos on our channel to see just a few things you can do with the pairing:



    Thank you for your input!

    As I have generatepress premium, shall I also get generateblocks pro, or is the free version sufficient to start?

    Also, are there any other block plugins that you believe compliments generatepress+generateblocks well, or will these two allow a person to fulfill 90% of generic designs needed?


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    Hi Ala,

    You can start with GB free version, if you like it, you can consider purchasing the Pro version then.

    I would say with GP Pro and GB Pro you can achieve more than 90% of design even without using CSS 🙂


    Thank you, that’s my plan. Last question – any good resources you recommend I go through to kickstart my learning (tutorials, guides, walk-throughs, etc), my plan is to go through some and then start copying some websites to learn by practice.

    Customer Support
Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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