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    Website became EXTREMELY slow after uploading the updated GeneratePress Theme, gp-premium-1.12.2

    https://languagers.com/ took 11 seconds at chrome and 59 seconds at microsoft edge
    https://languagers.com/services/american-sign-language-asl-interpreters/ took 36 seconds
    https://languagers.com/services/ took 25 seconds

    i removed top bar on Friday 10/9 but the speed was within 5 seconds afterwards on Saturday 10/10

    GeneratePress Theme was not updating at Plug in section, so i uploaded the updated GeneratePress Theme yesterday, sunday and i believe it caused the slowness

    Please help ASAP !!!!

    Thank you


    i meant plug in. i uploaded the updated plug in yesterday

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    The latest plugin update only has the following small changes so I really don’t think it’s the issue here:

    Can you disable all plugins except GP Premium to test and things are back to normal?

    I’m also seeing some console errors in as well which aren’t coming from GP.

    You might need to start a staging site if this is a live site with traffic so we can go through some debugging tests 🙂



    Where did you see the console errors and what are they?

    thanks for taking time to look into the site.

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    the errors can be seen by Right Clicking > Inspect the site. In the Developers Console you will see the Red Errors – these should be resolved, but they are probably not the main issue.

    I ran a GT Metrix report on your site:


    The major issue is the long waiting time for your server to respond. You can see those purple lines on the Waterfall report. This is something you should raise with your Host.

    The other issue, which compounds the slow server response tine is the number of requests the site is making. On the front page – there is 168 requests ( to put that into perspective the GeneratePress.com site makes around 30 ).

    First look at resolving the Server response issue.
    Then look at what requests can be removed … for example the site is requesting 19 google fonts which is a hell of a lot.
    Once those are resolved then you could look at optimizing the site using one of the available plugins – we provide this advice using the autoptimize plugin:


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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