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    Hi there,

    First of all, thanks for developing such a beautiful theme, I think it is really a very nice job you are doing here.

    Since I activated the WooCommerce module everything just messed up…
    • It’s showing 3 columns when 4 is selected
    • Sale Flash in Single product lost it’s previous design options, now it shows a terrible black box that can’t be redesign.
    • In the Product Catalog page suddenly I have an out of control padding left and right of the images displayed.
    • In the Product Catalog page content won’t align to fit the width of the page.
    • In the Single product page can’t edit the tabs in the Product Data Tabs. Elementor is saying this comes from the theme, but can’t find the option anywhere and it just looks terrible.

    And the list goes on… everything was more or less ok before activating the module. Limited, but ok.

    It is so problematic at this point that I’m thinking in changing the theme because I can’t figure out how to modify such elementary issues. I’m sure most of this comes with my lack of experience putting these three elements together, GeneratePress, ElementorPro and WooCommerce, but I really need to move on with all these problems asap. I wish there was a more direct way of contacting technical support.

    Could you please give me a hint… point out some direction to start looking so I can at least know where to begin with all these?

    Thanks in advance.


    GeneratePress 2.2.2
    GP Premium 1.7.8
    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Hi there,

    Definitely sounds like something isn’t right.

    Your website is behind a coming soon page, so I’m not able to see the issues.

    Any chance we can gain access to the site? You can send login details through our contact form here: https://generatepress.com/contact

    Be sure to mention this topic.

    Thanks! 🙂


    Access granted!

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Any chance you can show me screenshots of the issues you’re having?

    I see the 3 columns instead of 4, which looks like it’s being caused by the padding applied to the <li> element, which is throwing off the width. You could try updating to GPP 1.8, which is currently a release candidate: https://generatepress.com/gp-premium-1-8/

    We changed the way our columns work, which may be more forgiving.

    I’m not seeing any of the other issues, though. A screenshot would definitely help me understand what’s going on.

    Thanks! 🙂


    Thanks, Tom. I need to send the screenshots privately, I’m sure you’ll understand. Where can I send them to?


    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    if you can add the images to a share drive then you can provide us that link via the Account Issue form:


    Please add the URL of this Topic to the form as well so we can track it.


    Hi David!

    Link sent, thank you very much!



    Hi Tom,

    While you check the screenshots I just sent you, I was trying to update to GPP 1.8 to check if things were looking better, but it won’t let me, saying that the file could not be uncompressed because the theme has no style sheet style.css so the installation failed.

    I did activate the module for receiving beta updates, and downloaded the zip file from your link.
    I did install the plugin: Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades

    Thanks for your help!


    Installation of GPP 1.8 beta failed

    beta updates activated

    Plugin installed

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Make sure you’re uploading it as a plugin, not a theme.

    Also, any chance you can re-activate the module so I can see the issues as I follow through the screenshots?



    Ok, Tom. Module active. I uploaded the theme as a plugin… just checking now the new features.


    Well… it looks like with this 1.8 version most of the style issues are gone now, that is great. I imagine that Elementor is overriding most of the GP woocommerce features. So to use all these new GP features I would need to skip Elementor and design everything in GP?

    Still don’t know what to do with the Sale Flash in single product to make it look like in the catalog page.

    But all in all, looks like I’m sort of recovering the style control again.

    Question about the Beta version… when it comes out, shall i update the theme normally then?

    Thank you very much Tom.

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Great to hear it fixed a bunch of stuff!

    Have you designed the sales flash on single products? I’m not seeing any Elementor CSS for it except for removing its padding.

    I can help you design it with CSS if Elementor can’t do it if you’d like? Not sure we can get it on top of the image though.

    Let me know 🙂


    Hi Tom,

    While in appearance, under single product I can see the “display sale flash”, but no styling options really. Unless they are somewhere else…? And it doesn’t seem to do anything anyway, on or off, it just won’t do anything. Same with “Display quantity buttons”, I have it on, but can’t see any difference. The same happens with all the other options in Single Product, but I just have them off, in case they somehow interfere, and have them on through the Elementor panel

    In Elementor, editing the Single Product template I can click on Show/Hide the Sale Flash, nothing more. Elementor says: “The style of this widget is often affected by your theme and plugins.”

    I would like to have the Sale Flash text inside an orange circle, and I would like to edit the text… can’t figure out how. I can change color and shape in the Catalog Page…

    Also, do you know where could I change the text inside the products buttons in the catalog view?

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    The only styling options for the sales flash in GP is the background color/text color.

    So Elementor doesn’t have styling options for the sales flash on single products?

    We can style it with CSS. It looks like you changed the overall style on product archives, and removed it on single products? Feel free to add it back the way you wanted and I’ll provide the CSS.


    Hi To, thanks for answering…

    This is the option Elementor give me for the sale flash in single product:
    Elementor sale flash single product

    This is how it looks like, and changing it in appearance doesn’t seem to do anything:
    Sale flash single product frontend

    This is how I made it look in the archive page:
    Sale flash archive frontend

    This is how I would like to make it look in both archive and single:
    Sale flash orange circle

    Also I would like to change the text inside the sale flash and the cart buttons, but can’t figure out where.

    Thanks again Tom!

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