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    Your Plugins are really cool, they have great potential. Tanks for your developpement.

    Here’s what I would like add in your plugins :

    1) I like to write simple articles without header image. I like just a small picture on left of the first chapter.

    Currently I use Evermore but it is not 100% compatible with “Blog / Blog content / Excerpt length”.

    I like the fonction “Previews contain the first (x) paragraphs of each post from evermore” from this plugin.

    Is it possible for you to incorporate the same function in “Blog / Blog content” ?

    I would like to uninstall Evermore, if it’s possible for my.

    2) I like the look of these sites :




    Is it possible for you to add a similar look of contents in “Blog / Blog content / Masonry” ?

    Also added a similar “top page” button from these sites on “Blog / Blog content / Masonry”, this would be also great.

    3) Always on “Masonry”, would it be possible to create, just up the footer on left, a new style of numeric buttons with “New Page / old page” buttons, similar at “<1,2,3>” but in Masonry style ?

    4 ) Normally relatively easy for you ? Add a third bar, for exemple to insert up the footer of pages.

    5) Add a a large widget (728×90) donw the Site navigation bar.

    6) Add a fonction for adjust the dimention of widgets and a function to move widgets and place it anywhere on the screen.

    7) On “Blog / Post image” added a option for disable the header image in body of articles.

    Excuse my for my bad english, it’s not my current language.

    Good day to you.

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Thanks so much for these suggestions!

    I’ve review them thoroughly first thing in the morning.

    Thanks again!

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Hi Philippe, sorry for not getting back to you sooner πŸ™‚

    1. The reason additions to the Blog add-on allow you to float the featured image to left/right of the excerpt.

    I wasn’t aware there was such a WordPress function that allowed you to choose an excerpt length based on paragraphs. As of right now I’ve only ever found one that allows you to cut the text off after a set amount of words. I’ll look more into that πŸ™‚

    2. I probably won’t add too many differently styled masonry types into the Blog add-on itself, but the basic setup is there for you to add to and change. I may also released future child themes that have these kinds of layouts as well.

    As for the back to top button, you can always try a plugin like this: https://wordpress.org/plugins/scroll-back-to-top/

    3. I’m not sure this is possible – Masonry layouts usually go with the “Load more” button, rather than paginated links.

    4. Not sure what you mean by this?

    5. You can always use GP Hooks to add widgets/html in certain areas of the theme. I don’t know about adding anything into the site navigation though, or maybe you mean below it?

    6. The Element Spacing add-on lets you choose the width of your sidebars, which the widgets then adjust to. I’m also almost done a new Featured Widgets add-on that will add more widget areas into the theme.

    7. Totally agree – this will be in the next version πŸ™‚

    Thanks again for your suggestions!


    Hello Tom,

    Tks for your answer.

    1) Look the code of Evermore for obtain more idea, it’s a open GPL 2 license program. It insert automatically a flag after first paragraph for read more.

    The two other functions of Evermore are already in GP.

    2) Tks

    3) I saw in http://www.gizmodo.fr for exemple. I found WP-PageNavi, but I can not configure it correctly

    4) Generate Third Nav (similar at Generate Secondary Nav (not essential for my, but some sites uses it))

    5) I look on GP Hooks for this option tks. My idea it’s to create a large widget below it, instead of 3 smoll.

    6) perfect πŸ™‚

    7) Tks

    After a last update from WP to v. 4.1, it’s impossible to preview a theme.


    Post Scriptum

    I use Evermore by Bennett McElwee


    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    1. Thanks, will take a look!

    3. Ah, so you want Masonry, but with regular pagination (no ajax load?).

    4. Ah – this may happen one day, depends on demand.

    5. There’s a new add-on coming out that allows you to add 1-5 widgets below the navigation area πŸ™‚


    Hello Tom,

    3) Ah, so you want Masonry, but with regular pagination (no ajax load?).

    Yes, a regualar pagination with pretty numeric buttons and if it’s possible pretty button “go to top”, with a slow ascent. This function implemented inside or outside Masonry, as you think it is best.

    Good day to you.



    great theme and when i see suggestions :)… i prefer “sticky menu” like on



    Hello Alekel,

    GP is a great theme for all of us here, otherwise we would not be there.

    We are talking about plugin, not the general theme. Specifically plugin Blugue / Masonry.

    If you do not like the style Masonry or improvements that I propose, that concerns you only.

    Ask for what you want by writing your own post, you do not need to criticize the views of other people just like you do. I do not find it courteous.

    GP already has the functions of: http://www.scconfigmgr.com/ The only nice thing for me on your site is the button “read more”.

    To each his needs.

    Good day.


    Hello Philipe,

    don’t get me wrong. The post is not to criticize and yes it was my fault, it was the wrong post. I only wanted to reply on that one: http://generatepress.com/forums/topic/future-addon-ideas/ as suggestion.

    Sorry for that

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Hi Alekel,

    I may end up adding a feature like this into an add-on πŸ™‚

    For now, I posted instructions on how to do this here: http://generatepress.com/forums/topic/keep-menus-visable-with-scroll/#post-54453

    Let me know if you have any questions.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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