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    Hi Team,

    I built my whole site with a different theme, it wasn’t until I got to the ‘online store’ section that I realised the theme I was using didn’t have a store included, and I needed to find a theme that did. That’s when I found GP.

    This is my first site so I am learning a LOT on the fly as I run into new things…not fully understanding what the importance of a ‘theme’ is, was one of those learning experiences, and shows how much of a beginner I was/am.

    So now I have installes GP as my new theme on the recommendation of someone else. I love the capabilities and flexibility it has!!! The thing I am concerned about, is… I’m wondering if the site I previously build with a different theme before switching is completely underutilizing the power of GP and actually making my site more clunky than it needs to be… in which case, would it be advised to start again, creating each page with a fresh GP format???

    I’m so overwhelmed now with ALL the settings, and different sections in the GP theme, I am almost too scared to make many/any changes in the fear that they will impact the site in ways I’m not even aware of…

    I understand this isn’t the most clear or straight forward question. I do hope you are able to give me some guidance, as I feel WAY over my head currently.

    Many thanks in advance for any & all assistance you can give.


    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    looks like your site is built entirely from Elementor.
    GP’s customizer settings or the other features will not have any impact on that as all styles/layouts/theme elements are set in Elementor.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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