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    Hi, I’m back:)

    This time I am trying to copy this layout: https://skapawebbkraft.se/basta-gratis-hemsida/webnode-se-omdome/

    I want to make a similar layout with the theme (without a page builder)

    1. I managed to insert the Yoast-breadcrumbs with a hook. Unfortunately I can only display the bread crumbs in weird places wehere I don’t want it. (Like now it is placed “after_header_hook”, where I don’t want it but just to show you that it works but not where I want it.) So for instance, when I choose the location of the hook as “Befor entry title hook” it disappaeras.

    2. Another thing is that I use a PHP filter to make the header aboove the feature image. It worked fine. Now the problem is that I want to display the Featurtered image without having any metas in it (author, post date etc..). Howver, if I delete the content in my page header element. The whole thing goes away and I want the image to appear where it’s at but with no elements in it. So how could I get the image where I want it without any meta stuff over it?

    3. I tried to insert {{post_author}}{{post_date}} and such separatley to choose the location. But same probem as (1) above. If I choose “generate after entry title hook” the metas disapear (also I don’t know why the coded don’t work.)

    Thanks again. Sorry for giving you trouble. Actually if you have an already made recepie for this kind of layout I would be ahppy to use that: https://skapawebbkraft.se/basta-gratis-hemsida/webnode-se-omdome/


    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    that design would be very easy to achieve if you were creating Posts…. may i ask why you want to use a Page ?

    Let me know – if it has to be a Page then we can walk through the necessary steps.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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